C’mon Angie! addresses #MeToo situation with sensitivity and humour

Amy Lee Lavoie's timely play about the morning after a one-nighter is complex, convincing and powerfully performed

C’MON, ANGIE! by Amy Lee Lavoie (Leroy Street Theatre/Spadina Avenue Gang). At the Assembly Theatre (1479 Queen West).  Runs to April 28. Assembly Theatre, 1479 Queen West. $20-$35. leroystreettheatre.com. See listing. Rating: NNNN

Amy Lee Lavoie‘s C’mon, Angie! couldn’t be timelier, considering the important questions about consent raised by the #MeToo movement.

The morning after a drunken one-nighter, the clearly upset Angie (Anne van Leeuwen) accuses Reed (Ryan Hollyman), an older and more settled married man, of assaulting her in bed. He has no idea what she’s talking about. Or does he?

Things are complicated by the fact that the two already know each other – in a context that I won’t spoil. Gradually, the stakes are raised in convincing ways, and by the end, both characters are irrevocably changed. Lavoie’s script never becomes preachy or one-sided, and it’s filled with lots of authentic details as well as flashes of humour.

Van Leeuwen, who’s onstage before the audience arrives, digs deeply into her character – anyone who’s experienced trauma will understand her conflicts – and Hollyman uses his voice and posture to evoke Reed’s shifting take on the situation.

Briskly directed by Cristina Cugliandro, the pair’s power imbalance comes across effectively, but it’s also emphasized by Nancy Anne Perrin’s design, which sets up various borders and boundaries, and the spot-on costumes.

The play comes with a content warning make sure you leave time to talk about its urgent themes afterwards.


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