Fringe Fest 2019: Directory of shows and reviews

If you're overwhelmed about what to see at the 150+-show Toronto Fringe, don't worry. NOW's team of reliable reviewers has.

If you’re overwhelmed about what to see at the 150+-show Toronto Fringe, don’t worry. NOW’s team of reliable reviewers has got you covered.

We’re posting reviews of shows throughout the 12-day festival. Bookmark this page and keep checking back to see more.

A >>> denotes a Critics’ Pick. And an * indicates a production has chosen not to be reviewed.

Above & Beyond (see NN review)

>>> The ADHD Project (see NNNN review)

>>> After The Beep (see NNNNN review)

>>> Allegra & Serena Present: Twinsations (see NNNN review)

American Christian (all performances cancelled)

Anesti Danelis: Six Frets Under (see NNN review)

The Art Of Kneading (see NNN review)

The Ashes Of Forgotten Rain (see NNN review)

The Astrology Play

>>> An Atlas, A Necktie & Other Concerns (see NNNN review)

>>> Audience Of One (see NNNN review)

The Autobiography Of I.B.M. Intelligent Black Men

The Ballad Of Frank Allen

>>> Be Kind, Rewind (see NNNN review)

Becoming Magic Mike: An Action Adventure Comedy (see NNN review)

Beneath The Bed

BFFs (see NNN review)


>>> Boy Falls From The Sky: Jake Epstein Live At Supermarket (see cover story) (see NNNNN review)

BOY VS FLY (see NNN review)

BOYS DON’T CRY (see NN review)

>>> The Break-Up Diet (see NNNNN review)

Carpe Into My DMs (see NNN review)

Checkpoint 300

Clitoria: A Sex-Positive Superhero! (see NNN review)

Closet Confessions: The Secrets Of A Hot Mess (see NNN review)

Clotheswap (see NNN review)

Comedy Records Presents: Jay & Eytan (see NNN review)

The Commandment (see NNN review)

>>> Congratulations! (see NNNN review)

>>> Cyrano De Bergerac (see NNNN review)

Dandelion (see NNN review)

>>> Death Ray Cabaret (see NNNNN review)

Decaying Tongue (see NNN review)

>>> The December Man (see NNNN review)

DEEP END (see NN review)

>>> Destiny, USA (see NNNN review)

>>> Didn’t Hurt (see NNNN review)

Dinner With Goebbels (see NN review)

Dom Mackie’s Poor Life Choices (see NN review)

>>> Drama 101, A New Musical (see NNNNN review)

Drink Of Choice (see NNN review)

>>> Dungee The Dragon & The Just-Okay Juggler (see NNNN review)

Elbow Room

>>> Emotional Labour (see NNNN review)

Escape From Shady Acres


Eusha (see NNN review)

Every Silver Lining (see NNN review)

>>> Everything Is Fine (see NNNN review)


Friendly Fire: The Art And Execution Of Friendship (see NNN review)

Fuckboys The Musical (see NNN review)

>>> Get Better (see NNNN review)

Ghosted: The Musical


Great Lakes 5 (see NN review)

>>> Gremlin Hour (see NNNN review)

Heart Of Matter

Herbeaver (see NN review)

High School High (see NNN review)

>>> Horseface (see NNNN review and preview article)

>>> The Huns (see NNNNN review)

>>> I Christopher (see NNNN review)

i feel you

>>> I, Malvolio (see NNNN review)

ICARUS (see NNN review)

Improvised Therapy

In Ireland We Rented A Car From Criminals

In Waking Life

>>> Interrupted (see NNNN review)

>>> Into The Tango (see NNNN review)

It Girls (see NNN review)

It’s Getting Hot In Here!

King Stag

The Knitting Pilgrim (see NNN review)

>>> The Laundry List (see NNNN review)

Let’s Talk

Lexi And The Flying B’s

>>> LIGHTS! CAMERA! ODD JOBS? (see NNNN review)

>>> Love Notes (see NNNN review)

>>> Mayhem At Miskatonic: A Burlesque Mystery Game (see NNNN review)

Mice At Centre Ice (see NNN review)

Middle Raged (see NNN review)

>>> Molly Bloom (see NNNN review)

Monica Vs. The Internet: Tales Of A Social Justice Warrior (see NNN review)

Mourning After The Night Before (see NN review)

Moving On (see NNN review)


>>> My Dad’s Deaths (A Comedy) (see NNNN review)


News Play (see NN review)

Night Cows

>>> Night Feed (see NNNNN review)

Off The Island (see NN review)

Old Fart (see NNN review)

>>> Old-ish (see NNNN review)

Omen: The Musical (see NN review)

An Orchid And Other Such Lilies And Lies

Outside Ethel: Inside

Ouvrez La Porte, Fermez La Bouche (see NNN review)

>>> Pack Animals (see NNNN review)

Palabra Flamenco: Fox Woman (see NNN review)

Peaches On A Cherry Tree (see NN review)

The Peers (see N review)

Personal Demon Hunter (see NNN review)

Petroleum: A Triptych

Philip & Lucinda Dino-Show

A Plague Upon The Doctor’s House (see NNN review)

Please Stand Clear

Plum Crazy (see NN review)

PUMP (see NNN review)


Red Knows: A Play On Words

Reefer Madness: Origins (see NNN review)

The Resistance Improvised (See NNN review)

The Road To Damascus

Sarah And Lucy

Scadding (see NNN review)

Scotch Tape (see NNN review)

>>> Searching For Marceau (see NNNNN review)

Sidney Needs A Kidney (see NN review)

>>> Sincerely, The Rebels Club (see NNNN review)

Sketchy Adventures In The Enchanted Forest (see NN review)

>>> Some People To Think About (see NNNN review)

Spend Your Kids’ Inheritance (see NNN review)

>>> Squeeze My Cans (see NNNN review)

Swallowed Whole (see NNN review)

Sweet Kisses Tender Limbs

Table 7 A Plays In Cafes Creation

Tales Of A Cocktail (see NNN review)

The Taming Of The Shrew (see NNN review)

>>> THE BIG HOUSE (see NNNN review)

THE HEALING SHOW: Cosmic Cures For Catastrophic Cases (see NN review)

the princess is the pauper (see NNN review)

Things The Trees Taught Them

>>> Three Men On A Bike (see NNNN review)

>>> Through The Bamboo (see NNNN review)

>>> TIL DEATH: The Six Wives Of Henry VIII (see NNNN review)

>>> Tita Jokes (see NNNN review)

The Trophy Hunt

>>> Unbridled Futurism (see NNNN review)

UNRAVELLED A New Musical (see NNN review)

>>> Untitled No. 7 (see NNNN review)

>>> An Utterly Stupid Indefensible Thing (see NNNN review)

>>> The Weight Of It All (see NNNN review)

Wha’ha’happened Was… (see NNN review)

Who You Callin Black Eh?

>>> Woke ‘N Broke (See NNNN review)

>>> A Woman’s Guide To Peeing Outside (see NNNN review)

The Worst: A DoFo Inspired Musical (see N review)

Young And The Limbless (see NN review)


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