Fringe review: The Win At Life Mega Expo

Comedy masquerading as a motivational seminar is a lose-lose situation

THE WIN AT LIFE MEGA EXPO by the company (Two Pack Occasion). At Scadding Court Community Centre (708 Dundas West). July 6, 9, 11-13 at 7 pm. See listing. Rating NN

For just the price of admission, you too can win at life and stop being a stoned loser. Supposedly. Two Pack Occasion offers a comedy masquerading as a motivational seminar, masquerading as a complete Fringe show.

To be fair, a half-baked while baked aesthetic is probably what they’re going for. It’s just under an hour of tongue-in-cheek pitches on how to get ahead in life. The delectably skeezy Morgan O’Shea has got relationship advice so cringy it’s enjoyable.

There are enough dad jokes in here to be a deleted episode from The Office. Too bad not enough of them land to justify this piece’s existence. Awkward amateur direction works best when it’s deliberate.

All three actors are regulars on the Toronto stand-up scene. So while their individual chops are on point, as a whole the comedy suffers from an extreme case of failure to launch.

Needs more plot and less pot.

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