Fringe review: Thousand Beginnings

Poetic piece about womanhood, sisterhood and coming of age announces talented artists to watch

THOUSAND BEGINNINGS by Jewels Krauss, Margaret Muriel Legere and Gulce Oral (Under The Umbrella Collective). At St. Vladimir’s Institute. July 10 at 8:30 pm, July 12 at noon, July 13 at 9:15 pm, July 14 at 5:15 pm, July 15 at 1 pm. See listing. Rating: NNNN

Self-described as a search for stillness, Thousand Beginnings follows two women (Jewels Krauss and Gulce Oral) through their psyches as they search for a way out of inherited behavioral patterns.

The poetic text serves the piece’s choreography in a way that feels both gloriously theatrical and grounded in its authenticity. Both of the performers deliver stand-out performances Oral’s fire complements Krauss’s serenity as they navigate womanhood, sisterhood and coming of age.

Margaret Muriel Legere’s direction is highly visual, and under her watchful eye, the set (a couple of rolls of brown paper-towel) transforms, becoming an ocean, a trap, and a monumental weight in mere seconds. Steve Lukas’s lighting design creates intimate, dramatic moments and works seamlessly with the performers and directorial vision.

Thousand Beginnings is Under The Umbrella Collective’s inaugural production, but if this piece is any indication, they are definitely a group of artists to watch.

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