Time Warp

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW by Richard O'Brien, directed by Brendon Allen, with Stephen Sheffer, Meredith Shaw, Andrew Johnston, April Johnson,.

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW by Richard O’Brien, directed by Brendon Allen, with Stephen Sheffer, Meredith Shaw, Andrew Johnston, April Johnson, David Finkelstein, Andrea Tutt, Matt Olmstead and Christopher Bond. Presented by Toolkit at Revival Nightclub (783 College). Runs to August 31, Tuesday-Saturday (no show August 22). $15. 416-570-9754. Rating: NNN

Rating: NNN

Dr. Frank N. Furter is still making men, his squeaky-clean guests Brad and Janet are still shockable — at least initially — and we’re doing The Time Warp, again.Yes, it’s the return of cult fave The Rocky Horror Show (not quite the same thing as the Picture Show version most people know, but pretty close) and the Toolkit production, directed with some clever touches by Brendon Allen, has enough energy to kick it into gear. The script was always pretty silly and often fun, too, and there’s enough good work here to hold fans and maybe convert a few first-timers.

Fans, though, will be best served, since they’ll know the words. The show’s sound system does no one any favours, and only a few performers — April Johnson, Stephen Sheffer, Meredith Shaw and Andrea Tutt — articulate clearly enough to sell the lyrics.

The actors are a mixed bag. Andrew Johnston’s leggy, omnisexual transvestite Frank relies on mannerisms rather than personality or charisma to create a character. Matt Olmstead is a properly cute and bemused Rocky, Andrea Tutt holds our attention as the cast-off Columbia, and Johnson exudes lots of stage wattage as the Usherette and Magenta. Tutt and Rebecca Kray’s choreography is a highlight of the production, especially when performed by the leather-and-fishnet chorus of Shadows. jonkap@nowtoronto.com

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