Fringe Fest 2018: Directory of shows and reviews

It's decision time. What shows are you going to choose from this year's huge list of shows?Select each title to.

It’s decision time. What shows are you going to choose from this year’s huge list of shows?

Select each title to get official info on the show and to buy tickets from the Fringe. We’ve also included links to our previews and reviews. Click here for more Fringe coverage.

A >>> denotes a Critics’ Pick.

>>> #KanderAndEbb (see NNNN review)

2018: A Sex Odyssey (see N review)

25 (see NNN review)

4’33” in Baghdad (see NNN review)

>>> A 6ix NNNNNN Revue (see NNNN review)

The ABCs of Love with Adult Baby Cupid (see NNN review)

>>> Al Lafrance: I Think I’m Dead (see NNNN review)

Alex Wood Quits Everything (see NNN review)

All of Me (see NN review)

>>> Always Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious (see NNNN review)

Anatomy of a Dancer (see NNN review)

>>> And Then…She Did! (see NNNN review)

Andy Warhol Musical: In Rehearsal (see NN review)

>>> Anywhere (see NNNN review)

>>> Ashley With a “Y” (see NNNNN review)

Aspergers: More Tales of a Social Misfit (see N review)

>>> Awkward Hug (see NNNN review)

Bakersfield Mist (see NNN review)

Be a Good Girl (see NNN review)

>>> Bikeface (see NNNN review)

The Bird Killer (see NNN review)

Birds Make Me Think About Freedom (see NNN review)

>>> Boy Wonders (see NNNN review)

A Brief History of Beer (see NN review)

Bring the Piano (see NNN review)

Bro Diaries (see NNN review)

>>> The Brothers Gentle (see NNNN review)

The Cardboard Countess (see NN review)

Carmilla (see NNN review)

Cheri (see NNN review)

Circus Shop of Horrors (see NNN review)

>>> Climb (see NNNN review)

Cluster Fucked (see NNN review)

>>> The Cockwhisperer – A Love Story (see NNNN review)

>>> Coconuts, Cedar Trees, and Maple Leaves (see NNNN review)

Compulsion (see NNN review)

>>> Crave (see NNNN review)

>>> D&D Live! (see NNNN review)

>>> Dead for a Ducat (see NNNN review)

Dead Talks (see NN review)

The Ding Dong Girls (see NN review)

Dominion (see NNN review)

THE EASTER BUNNY (see N review)

Echoes (see NN review)

>>> Enjoy the Hostilities (see NNNN review)

>>> Entrances and Exits (see NNNN review)

Everyone Wants a T-Shirt! (see NNN review)

>>> F*cking Perfect (see NNNN review)

The Fall (see NNN review)

>>> Fallsview to a Kill (see NNNN review)

>>> False East (see NNNN review)

>>> Featherweight (see NNNN review)

Final Exam (see NN review)

Fine China (see NNN review)

First Dates (see NN review)

Flooded: A Show and Sail Around the Toronto Islands (see NNN review)

Flute Loops (see NN review)

>>> Follow Me (see NNNN review)

>>> Forget Me Not – The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit (see NNNN review)

From Newfoundland with Asthma (see NNN review)

Full Body Pull (see NN review)

The Gameplay (see NN review)

Geek! (see NN review)

>>> Generally Hospital (see NNNN review)

The Girl in the Photograph (see NNN review)

Glorious Loser (see NNN review)

>>> Grade 8 (see NNNN review)

The Grass is Greenest at the Houston Astrodome (see NNN review)

The Greatest Love Story Ever Forgotten (see N review)

Hamburger (see NNN review)

>>> Harvey & The Extraordinary (see NNNN review)

Her. (see NNN review)

Here Me (see NN review)

High School Symphony (see NNN review)

>>> The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over (see NNNN review)

Hooked (see NNN review)

How Hard Could THAT Be? (see NNN review)

How to be FEARLESS! (With Roxy Roberts) (see NNN review)

In Threes (see NNN review)

>>> INESCAPABLE (see NNNN review)

Is That How Clowns Have Sex? A One-Woman, Queer Clown Sex-Ed Show (see NNN review)

jem rolls: I, IDIOT (see NNN review)

>>> Jimmy Hogg: A Brief History of Petty Crime (see NNNN review)

>>> Josephine, a Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play (see NNNN review)

The Joy of Sax (see NNN review)

>>> Judas Star Supersong (see NNNNN review)

Katharine Ferns is in Stitches (see NNN review)

>>> A Kev ‘n Call Mystery (see NNNN review)

Kitchen Sink Drama (see NNN review)

La Femme Kabarett (see NN review)

The Last Minute Slam (see NN review)

The Last Party (see NNN review)

>>> Life in a Box (see NNNN review)

>>> Lighters in the Air (see NNNN review)

Lilith (see NN review)

Living Will (see NN review)

Mable and Able (see NN review)

The Magnificent Terrific Top-Notch Superb Show (see NN review)

The Makeover Show (see NN review)

>>> Marc and Xave: Song Engineers (see NNNN review)

>>> Martin Dockery: The Bike Trip (see NNNN review)

The Mating Game (see NNN review)

Meg Mackay: Freelance Witch (see NNN review)

>>> The Merkin Sisters (see NNNN review)

>>> Moonstruck (see NNNN review)

Morning Buzz Live! (see NNN review)

>>> Morro and Jasp: Save the Date (see cover story here) (see NNNNN review)

>>> Movin’ Melvin Brown – A Man, A Magic, A Music (see NNNN review)

>>> Mrs. Mama’s House (see NNNN review)

>>> Nocturnal Space (see NNNN review)

Nullius in Verba: A Double Bill Dance Performance (see NNN review)

>>> One Left Hour: The Life and Work of Daniil Kharms (see NNNN review)

One Small Step (see NNN review)

The Pansy Craze: A New Musical (see NNN review)

>>> Paradise Lost (see NNNN review)

A Perfect Romance (see N review)

Plays in Cafes (see NN review)

>>> Police Cops in Space (see NNNN review)

Prank (see NNN review)

The Preposterous Predicament of Polly Peel (Act 1) (see NNN review)

>>> The Princess of the Tower (see NNNN review)

>>> PRTNR (see NNNN review)

The Queen’s Eulogy (see N review)

RAGE AGAINST The Complacent (see NN review)

RAGE AGAINST The Inferno (Jerusalem) (see NNN review)

RAGE AGAINST The King (see NN review)

Restless Spirit (see NNN review)

>>> Rhymes With Wow (see NNNNN review)

Robert. (see NNN review)

Settle This Thing (see NNN review)

>>> Shadow Kingdom (see preview here) (see NNNNN review)

Sharnoozle! (see NN review)

>>> Shit I’m in Love With You Again (see NNNN review)

>>> Six Stories, Told at Night (see NNNN review)

Slaves of Starbucks (see NN review)

>>> The Space Chums! (see NNNN review)

Space Hippo (see preview here) (see NN review)

Stories From The Fringe (see NNN review)

>>> St. Peon of the People (see NNNNN review)

SUM: A Shadow Puppet Reading of David Eagleman’s Tales From the Afterlives (see NNN review)

Sweet Girl Shrapnel (see NNN review)

>>> Tales of Foreign Lands and People (see NNNN review)

Tears of a Bullet. (see NN review)

>>> Thousand Beginnings (see NNNN review)

The Ties that Bind and Gag (see NN review)

Tinder on the Toilet and Other Bad Ideas (see NNN review)

Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life (see NN review)

>>> TRUNK! (see NNNN review)

The Truth* (see NNN review)

The Two of Us (see NNN review)

Under the Knife (see NN review)

Upstream Downtown (see NNN review)

>>> Wagon Play (see NNNN review)

We The Men (see NNN review)

>>> We’ll Be Better Tomorrow (see NNNN review)

The Win At Life Mega Expo (see NN review)

Women of the Fur Trade (see NN review)

Wounds To The Face (see NNN review)

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