You can now name a cockroach after your EX this Valentine’s Day at the Toronto Zoo

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and for couples in love that means date night, chocolates, flowers and a fancy dinner.

But for others, notably the single crowd, this day can cause a floodgate of emotions, especially if you’re a scorned lover.

However, thanks to the Toronto Zoo, you can now get some things off your chest by naming a cockroach after your ex.

“Roses are red, violets are blue… Is there someone in your life that’s bugging you? Give them goosebumps this Valentine’s Day by naming a cockroach in their honour,” The Toronto Zoo Conservancy wrote on their website.

As crazy as this sounds, people are already loving it.

“Brilliant idea! Please keep us updated with the top 10 names you get!” one Twitter user wrote.

For just a minimum donation of $25 to the Name-A-Roach program, you will not only get to name the insect after a past lover, but you’ll also receive a personalized digital certificate with your name and roach name, as well as a shareable digital graphic.

And if that’s not wild enough, you will have the option to send an e-card or notify the individual on your own.

Although new to the Greater Toronto Area, this program has been going strong in zoos across the U.S for some time.

New York’s Name-A-Roach program at The Bronx Zoo in New York has been operating for 11 years. 

Plus, naming an ex-lover after a Madagascar hissing cockroach only sets them back $15. 

And just like the Toronto Zoo, the money raised will benefit their Wildlife Conservation Society, which is a non-profit organization. 

In addition, the San Antonio Zoo in Texas, will not only name a cockroach after your ex for as little as $5, but you’ll have the option to have a zoo keeper feed a frozen rat to a reptile for $20.

So, if you want to get in on this action, and believe dating your old fling was charity work in itself, you’ll be happy to know that each donor gets a full charitable tax receipt back. You really have nothing to lose!

(Photo caption: You can name a cockroach after your Ex at the Toronto Zoo this Valentine’s Day. Courtesy- Becca Tapert/ Unsplash – Erik Karits/ Unsplash.)

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