Dan Deacon – America


DAN DEACON plays Lee’s Palace November 9. See listing. Rating: NNNN

The geography of America inspired Dan Deacon’s aptly titled newest opus. Specifically, the quirky electronic musician drew from places in and around his hometown of Baltimore, but also landscapes he saw while crossing the country during his frequent bouts of touring.

The nine-track, largely instrumental album oscillates between exuberant, driving soundscapes and calmer, minimal symphonic moments, both playing off each other in an exquisitely paced dynamic. Side A will get you on the dance floor, particularly the joyous and melodic True Thrush.

Side B is more peculiar – one continuous track of shape-shifting moodiness subdivided into four. Propulsive bombast slowly gets overtaken by choral voices that cascade into a bleepy-bloopy comedown. Then it grows again, epic with percussion and violins, morphing into throbbing distortion before subsiding.

Using hardly any words at all, Deacon conveys the freedom, triumph and catharsis that can come from a journey across ever-changing yet familiar terrain. Spend time with this.

Top track: Crash Jam

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