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Propeller Dance, Canada’s foremost contemporary integrated dance company, celebrates artists of diverse bodies and minds. Flesh & Spokes and Spasticus challenge perceived notions, open hearts, and celebrate our differences. Inspired by Ian Dury’s “spastic” anthem, Spasticus is a bright explosion out of darkness, a successful uprising, in which the liberated triumphantly declare, “I am Spasticus!” In Flesh & Spokes, dancers flow through an abstract landscape making connections through curiosity, resistance, and acceptance. 

Location: Fleck Dance Theatre

Date/Time: March 13-14 - 7:30PM

Who is Propeller Dance?


Propeller Dance is an integrated dance company that has performed across Ottawa and is garnering national attention for its ground-breaking work. The dancers include performers with a wide range of abilities—from those who use wheelchairs or sign-language, to those who have an intellectual disability or years of formal dance training. Its strength and distinctiveness lies in turning supposed barriers to dance into a new, experimental, and exciting movement vocabulary that speaks to a wide audience. Propeller Dance is propelling dance in a new direction—creating new aesthetics in art and building community. 



Integrated (or mixed-ability) dance is dance that involves dancers with and without disabilities. Integrated dance has two main goals:  


  • - To stretch our ideas about dance itself.
  • - To change our attitudes towards people with mixed abilities.


Integrated dance encourages the cultivation of a "common ground" that allows individuals with mixed-abilities to develop creatively. It is about creating meaningful dance for art’s sake by listening and responding to each other through movement. 




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Enter for your chance to WIN tickets Propeller Dance's Spasticus/Flesh & Spokes tickets - March 13-14 at the Fleck Dance Theatre at 7:30pm. 


Hola Jazz Image - DanceWorks Spark

Holla Jazz's Dances with Trane

Holla Jazz will bring their soulful grooves up to the Greenwin Theatre with performances of Dances with Trane, a collection of dances inspired by the music of prolific jazz musician John Coltrane. Seven dancers accompanied by Toronto’s finest musicians draw inspiration from the infamous Coltrane Circle illustration. Using the music of Coltrane as a guide, this collection of dances will explore how our relationships to ourselves, those around us, and the unseen, can exist in vibrant ways.


Location: Greenwin Theatre, 5040 Yonge St

Date/Time: April 2 - 4, 2020 - 8PM