We now have a date for the Rob Ford crack-video trial

It's probably been a little while since you've given any thought to the extortion charge laid against former Rob Ford.

It’s probably been a little while since you’ve given any thought to the extortion charge laid against former Rob Ford pal Alexander “Sandro” Lisi for his alleged efforts to obtain the (first) Ford crack video from Liban Siyad in May 2013. You may even have forgotten that there is an ongoing case against him, following his acquittal on a set of relatively minor drug-related charges this past spring.

But Lisi will be in Superior Court for a four-week trial starting September 12, 2016, and whether you work in media or are just a citizen Fordologist, you may want to mark it in your calendar.

The Crown shared its evidence at a preliminary hearing last March and April, and all the material stays under a publication ban until it’s introduced at trial. We can’t tell you what we saw and/or heard at the hearing but remain confident that the trial will suck up at least a couple days of the news cycle. (Any evidence put forward at the prelim that doesn’t get presented at the trial will become public once the trial is over.)

Lisi, according to lawyer Domenic Basile, has elected to be tried by a judge and jury, and so jury selection should begin within a day or two of the trial’s start. He continues to also be defended by Seth Weinstein and Courtney Keystone.

Councillor Ford, who is currently receiving treatment for two tumours on his bladder, was subpoenaed to testify at the preliminary hearing, but his chief of staff couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday evening as to whether Ford has yet been summoned to appear at the trial.

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