Diamond Rings around Toronto

D'Urbervilles frontman releases new video as Diamond Rings

In Diamond Rings‘ new video for All Yr Songs, singer/artiste John O’Regan (from the D’Urbervilles) dances around the Toronto skyline. But that’s actually camera trickery. It’s really director Colin Medley’s living room.

It’s true. Medley told the National Post the video was “directly inspired by early ’90s hip hop videos (Redhead Kingpin, MC Hammer, and yes, Vanilla Ice). It was shot with no budget in my living room and in the area around my apartment in west Toronto.”

Diamond Rings plays with Friends In Bellwoods Wednesday night at the Gladstone, with Gentleman Reg, Katie Sketch (formerly of the Organ), Casey Mecija (Obhijou), and others. See the listing here.

If you go tonight, you’ll also see a screening of this video:


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