Digifest Profile: Claudia El-moor

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As part of this month’s Digifest x NOW Digital Residency, we’re profiling speakers and prominent thinkers associated with George Brown College’s Digifest festival (April 26-28, 2018). See all of the profiles here.

What do you do in your industry? 

I’m a Brazilian graphic designer and co-founder of Eye Design | Desenvolvimento de Marcas, which is located in Brasilia – the modernist, planned capital of Brazil. I help entrepreneurs reach and keep their ideal customers using communication design as a strategic tool. I use design and my problem-solving skills to bring out the best of each business to the market. 

What are you looking forward to most at this year’s Digifest? 

The diversity among the speakers is very interesting to me. I believe we will share a lot! 

What does it mean to “future-proof” a city?

In my opinion, it’s basically being able to foresee its best resources and needs, then work to develop every main area using the city’s own identity, considering new trends and technology. 

3D printing and virtual reality have captured the imagination of consumers and industry. What do you think the next big technological innovation will be? 

I’ve been reading about the decline of the smartphone as a tool, and the increasing use of wearable devices, such as glasses and wristbands. It seems to me a natural evolution. 

Name one woman in the tech industry who inspires you.

Sheryl Sandberg inspires me a lot as a professional. I even started a “Lean In” circle in Brasilia called “The Creative Entrepreneurs”. She was able to express our professional issues, explain how to overcome them and inspire professional women all over the world. 

If you had to take a break from technology for one day, how would you spend that time? 

I’d be reading and drawing in a garden.

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