Diving Into The Unknown

DIVING INTO THE UNKNOWN (Juan Reina, Finland/Norway). 85.

DIVING INTO THE UNKNOWN (Juan Reina, Finland/Norway). 85 minutes. Rating: NNN

Diving Into The Unknown follows a team of Finnish divers as they scheme to retrieve the bodies of two comrades from an underwater cave in Norway’s Plurdalen valley, where they perished on an earlier dive. They’re plotting to break the law and risk their own lives just to give their friends a proper burial.

    Director Juan Reina (Albino United) employs the nervous camerawork and agitated musical score of a Hollywood thriller, framing even our heroes’ methodical planning sessions as fraught with tension.

    He needn’t have laid it on quite so thick this story would play out just as breathlessly without all the artifice. But if you’re looking for a high-risk heist picture rather than a process doc, here you go.

May 1, 3:30 pm, TIFF 2 May 3, 1:15 pm, TIFF 3 May 8, 10:30 am, TIFF 3

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