Do you like your clothes really, really black?

Local company Dye It Black is the answer to your sartorial prayers

Black clothing is wonderful. Black clothing is great. The only problem? It fades faster than Forever 21 restocks its shelves. A few tumbles in the washer and once perfectly noir jeans look more like a deep grey. 

Instead of tossing out your faded threads, check out local company Dye It Black (, 416-903-0032). As the name suggests, they dye clothes black, and only black. The eco-friendly concept saves landfill space and keeps you in your favourite fashions longer.

If you have an item that isn’t black, they can turn that black, too. It’s the perfect solution for hiding pesky stains or dealing with that dress you bought online that turned out to be more of a sickly salmon than pastel pink.

Dye It Black can work with just about any material – wool, leather and suede being the few exceptions. They also dye things that aren’t clothes. Whatever your little black heart desires, give them a shout and see what they can offer.

Prices vary depending on the item, but tank tops cost around $15, jeans around $25 and dresses around $40. | @sabrinamaddeaux

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