Doc Soup returns with Motleys Law

Altruism is an increasingly rare thing in the world, and its not surprising. Between the sea of trivial information we.

Altruism is an increasingly rare thing in the world, and its not surprising. Between the sea of trivial information we have to navigate every hour of the day and the rise of no-effort activism sign my internet petition! Click here to save the whales! This Sportsball Star Went Into An Animal Shelter, You Wont Believe What Happened Next! its easy to feel like one is doing good without really doing much.

Genuine, inspirational altruism? Thats something we read about on Facebook. Or see in a movie like Motleys Law, screening tonight (Wednesday October 5) and Thursday (October 6) at the Hot Docs Cinema as the opening film of Doc Soups 2016-17 season.

Nicole Nielsen Horanyis documentary is a profile of Kimberley Motley, a Milwaukee public defender who went to Afghanistan in 2008 as part of a U.S. State department legal education program. She wound up committing herself to the Afghani courts, opening a practice in Kabul and helping to steer both Western and local clients through the system.

Motleys work places her at considerable personal risk. The U.S. might be withdrawing from Afghanistan, but its far from a stable nation the Taliban still operates with impunity, and theyre really not happy with the idea of a foreign woman working within the legal system theyre actively seeking to undermine.

But the more time Nielsen Horanyis cameras spend with Motley, the more were shown how desperately Motley is needed. If not for her, dozens and maybe even hundreds of people would have been failed by a broken system.

And as we come to realize this, were also led to understand the very real sacrifice Motley is making by leaving her family and friends behind in Wisconsin. (She goes back whenever she can, and Nielsen Horanyi makes sure shes present at one very important visit.) Shes fully aware of the risks, and she does it anyway because if she doesnt, no one else will.

Motleys Law is a testament to her commitment and her courage, and seeing it at what feels like a particularly grim time in human history will actually restore your faith in our species. Ill tell you, I really needed that this week.

Motleys Law screens tonight (October 5) at 6:30 pm and 9:15 pm and tomorrow (October 6) at 6:45 pm. Director Nicole Nielsen Horanyi will be present for introductions and post-screening Q&As.

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