How to put together a perfect pandemic cocktail kit

Who needs to go out when you can become an amateur mixologist at home – with these simple tools

Sure, Toronto’s restaurant and bar patios have recently reopened, and we’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you to enjoy. If you want to stay at home, you can even order cocktail kits for pickup and delivery – at a premium price, that is.

But nothing beats having the tools to prepare your own drinks at home so you can pretend to be your quarantine bubble’s own personal Stanley Tucci. Here are some essentials you need before you can add the words “amateur mixologist” to your name.


Cocktail shaker

Shaken or stirred? Either way, the drink begins with this sleek container, which usually comes with its own strainer (to hold back ice) and is topped by a removable 1 oz. cap, or jigger.

Hudson’s Bay


If you’re making cocktails that require different several types and volumes of booze and a perfect balance of ingredients, you might want to invest in an hourglass-shaped jigger or two. It could also double as a hard-boiled egg cup, in a pinch.

Hudson’s Bay

Cocktail spoon

Sure, you can improvise with a chopstick or something, but to get the best results you need a long, spiral-necked spoon that can be used to stir your drink evenly, add syrups and, with its flat top (called a muddler), crush any ingredients that need crushing.



Your cocktail shaker will probably come with a built-in strainer, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of others on hand. The Hawthorne Strainer is that cool-looking gadget with metal springs (kinda like a metal hairbrush) that fits in shakers or mixing glasses and holds back not just ice shards but bits of fruit. A julep strainer fits better in a mixing glass for easy usage. And if you’re fruit with fine seeds is in the ingredient list, you might want a tea strainer to act as a sieve to ensure your drink is seed-free.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Cocktail sets

Of course, rather than purchase all of the above separately, you could just pick up a shaker set like this or this. Either way, it’s almost cocktail hour. Cin cin!

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