Eat Some Good Guide with Kim D’Eon: Episode 2

This week we visit Woodlot, famous for their commitment to satisfying vegetarians and carnivores alike, to make vegan ember-grilled Hen-o'-the-Woods mushroom and beet salad.

A dinner date or party out can be challenging when contrasting allergies and food restrictions come into play.

Enter Little Italy’s Woodlot, known for their robust, seasonal vegetarian menu that runs alongside its full à la carte options, satisfying customers of both the carnivore and veggie camps.

In episode 2 of Eat Some Good Guide, Kim D’Eon discovers what inspires owner/chef David Haman to keep his clientele so satisfied – and how to make the restaurant’s famous ember-grilled Hen-o’-the-Woods mushroom and beet salad. Bonus: it’s vegan.

Watch below:

Want to know more about Kim D’Eon’s new web series? See the introduction here, and get the recipe for Woodlot’s mushroom and beet salad at

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