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Toronto Riding Profiles  


Who's running 
Arthur Potts (Liberal), Sarah Mallo (PC), Rima Berns-McGown (NDP), Debra Scott (Green), Thomas Armstrong (Libertarian), Joe Ring (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 40%, NDP - 39%, PC - 14%, Green - 5%, Libertarian - 1.22%, Freedom - 0.37%

The NDP recently nominated Rima Berns-McGown in a riding that long-time incumbent Michael Prue lost by a little less than 500 votes in 2014. That was to Liberal Arthur Potts, who relied on personal popularity – and the fact that Prue was on the outs with NDP leader Andrea Horwath – to win a seat the NDP had held since the Bob Rae days.


Who's running 
Cristina Martins (Lib)Marit Stiles (NDP), Federico Sanchez (PC), Kirsten Snider (Green), Nunzio Venuto (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 45%, NDP - 40%, PC - 7%, Green - 5%, Libertarian - 0.70%, Communist - 0.48%, Freedom - 0.31%, Trillium - 0.28%

Intriguing race shaping up for Dippers who held this predominantly Portuguese and Italian enclave and then lost it to Cristina Martins in the Liberal wave that swept Toronto in 2014. The NDP are hoping to reclaim the riding running former party president (and Toronto public school trustee) Marit Stiles this time around. PC candidate Federico Sanchez, meanwhile, is making the news for all the wrong reasons: skipping all-candidates debates.

Government relations firm Counsel Public Affairs has released it's list of five Toronto ridings to watch. And Davenport is among them. (See also Don Valley East, Parkdale-High Park, Scarborough North, York Centre). Counsel sees a win for the NDP here – and in candidate Marit Stiles a future NDP leadership contender. "Stiles is an effective and media-savvy campaigner who will be able to draw upon a strong network of support both in the riding and across Toronto. Even if the NDP falter provincially, an NDP victory locally in Davenport may be the first step for Stiles inserting herself in a future conversation about the party leadership in Ontario."


Who's running 
Michael Coteau (Liberal), Denzil Minnan-Wong (PC), Khalid Ahmed (NDP), Justin Robinson (Libertarian) 

They vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 56%, Conservative - 27%, NDP - 13%, Green - 4%, Freedom - 0.83%

Toronto city councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong has been jonesing to make the leap to provincial politics since forever. And he looked good to have some traction when he was recruited to run here by the now (not so dearly) departed PC leader Patrick Brown. With the more right-wing Doug Ford as leader, the dynamic changes for the worse for Minnan-Wong in a riding that’s been solidly ethnic  and Liberal red for two decades and held since 2011 by locally popular incumbent Michael Coteau, who is also one of Kathleen Wynne’s most trusted cabinet ministers. 

Counsel Public Affairs describes this race as "the city’s marquee match-up" in the battle between Libs and PCs for Toronto. Counsel's assessment: "With the favourable environment for the PCs further boosting Minnan-Wong’s chances, [Liberal incumbent Michael] Coteau can expect to expend a lot of energy and shoe leather to keep his seat."


Who's running 
Shelley Carroll (Liberal), Vincent Ke (PC), Akil Sadikali (NDP), Janelle Yanishewski (Green)Sarah Matthews (Libertarian), Alexander Verstraten (NOTA)

Toronto councillor Shelley Carroll, a former city budget chief under David Miller, was appointed by Kathleen Wynne to run in this newly created riding, confirming her status as a star candidate for the Grits. Carroll who officially gave up her council seat to run, seems a good bet in an area whose boundaries include swaths of the former Don Valley East municipal ward she has ably represented since 2003. The NDP have recently nominated softwar developer Akil Sadikali.

Kathleen Wynne. Photo by Michael Watier


Who's running 
Kathleen Wynne (Liberal), Jon Kieran (PC), Amara Possian (NDP)Morgan Bailey (Green), Mickey McIntosh (Northern Ontario), John Kittredge (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 57%, PC - 31%, NDP - 8%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 0.74%, Communist - 0.33%, Independent - 0.30%

If you believe conservative polling firm Forum Research, Kathleen Wynne (pictured) is so unpopular that she’s in line to lose in her own backyard. Difficult to fathom given that she has held the riding since 2003 and won when no one believed she could in 2007 against then PC leader John Tory. The PCs think they have a winner in Joe Kieran. But it would take a complete collapse of the Liberal vote for Wynne to lose in a riding whose sizable PC base skews red Tory. 


Who's running 
Michael Colle (Liberal), Robin Martin (PC), Robyn Vilde (NDP)Michael Staffieri (Libertarian), Lionel Wayne Poizner (Trillium), Reuben Deboer (Green)

They vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 55%, PC - 34%, NDP - 7%, Green - 3%, Freedom - 0.63%, Independent - 0.34%

Liberal incumbent Michael Colle survived a scare in 2007 against PC candidate Bernie Tanz, but has won handily here ever other time since he first took the seat in 1999. He’s done it by relying on his base in the less affluent west end of the riding, parts of which he represented as a former City of York councillor during pre-amalgamation days.


Who's running 
Yvan Baker (Liberal), Kinga Surma (PC), Erica Kelly (NDP)Basil Mummery (Libertarian), Shawn Rizvi (Green)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 50%, PC - 33%, NDP - 12%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 1.11%, Trillium - 0.41%, Freedom - 0.40%, Vegan Environmental Party - 0.30%

Doug Ford helped Pina Martino win the PC nomination here in 2014 back when Tim Hudak was PC leader. But it's the PC leader's alleged vote buying on behalf of Kinga Surma, the PC nominee in the riding this time around, that has tongues wagging. Ford's personal popularity wasn’t enough to take the riding from the Libs, even though the party was running first-time candidate Yvan Baker, who won comfortably with 50 per cent of the vote. 


Who's running
Peter Milczyn (Liberal), Christine Hogarth (PC), Phil Trotter (NDP), Chris Caldwell (Green)Mark Wrzesniewski (Libertarian), Richard Kiernicki (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 50%, PC - 33%, NDP - 12%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 1%, Trillium - 0.41%, Freedom - 0.40%, Vegan Environmental Party - 0.30%

Incumbent Peter Milczyn, who was appointed housing minister last July, lost in a by-election to Doug Holyday in 2013 before beating him in a rematch in the general election in 2014 in this riding, which has gone back and forth between PCs and Grits since former NDP incumbent Ruth Grier ruled the roost between 1987 and 1995. The NDP have nominated community lawyer Phil Trotter


Who's running 
Shafiq Qaadri (Lib), Doug Ford (PC), Mahamud Amin (NDP), Brianne Lefebvre (Libertarian), Nancy Ghuman (Green)

They vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 45%, NDP - 26%, PC - 22.74%, Libertarian - 3%, Green - 2%, Freedom - 1%

PC leader Doug Ford was acclaimed to run in the riding he represented as Toronto councillor in a nomination meeting March 28. Liberal incumbent Shafiq Qaadri, the first person of Pakistani descent to become MPP in Ontario, has held the riding since 2003 and declared his candidacy just before the official call of eletcion. In a Liberal party statement announcing his nomination April 25, Qaadri focused on his connection to the riding's immigrant communities. That was no coincidence. The Liberal strategy here will be to put to the test Ford’s popularity among ethnic voters who stand to gain most from Liberal policies like minimum wage, which Ford opposes. Noteworthy: the PCs finished third behind the NDP last time out. Just sayin.’ Somali youth worker Mahamud Amin is up for the NDP this time.


Who's running 
Deanna Sgro (Liberal), Cyma Musarat (PC), Tom Rakocevic (NDP), Jennifer Ochoa (Libertarian), Lucy Guerrero (Trillium)

The vote last time (2014)
(Redistributed riding formerly known as York West) Liberal - 47%, NDP - 39%, PC 11%, Green - 1.64%, Freedom - 1.05%, Independent - 0.44%

Some new blood for the Libs in this renamed and redistributed riding formerly known as York West and held by former North York councillor-turned-MPP Mario Sergio since 1999. Lawyer Deanna Sgro, daughter of Liberal MP Judy Sgro, who represents the riding federally, will be carrying the flag this time. The NDP, which won almost 40 per cent of the vote in 2014, will be looking to capitalize on that showing by running again with candidate Tom Rakocevic, who is executive assistant to local Toronto councillor Anthony Perruzza.


Who's running 
Nadia Guerrera (Liberal), Adam Pham (PC), Bhutila Karpoche (NDP), Matthias Nunno (Libertarian), Halyna Zalucky (Green), Matthew Vezina (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
NDP - 41%, Liberal - 40%, PC - 13%, Green - 6%, NOTA 0.68%, Libertarian - 0.42%, Freedom - 0.23%

Long-time NDP MPP Cheri Di Novo, who announced last year that she won’t be seeking re-election, hung on in 2014 against Liberal contender Nancy Leblanc, in what has otherwise been a safe seat provincially for the NDP for a decade. Bhutila Karpoche, who has served as Di Novo’s executive assistant for the last eight years, and has strong ties to the area’s growing Tibetan community, is running this time for the NDP.

Changing demographics will make this riding a tough one to hold onto for the NDP, according to Counsel Public Affairs. "Sky-high housing demand, soaring real estate prices and rapid construction and gentrification have changed the character of traditionally blue-collar neighbourhoods across the riding. As a result, the same geography has become markedly more Liberal-friendly."


Who's running 
Soo Wong (Liberal), Aris Babikian (PC), Tasleem Riaz (NDP)Lydia West (Green)Mark Sinclair (Libertarian), Carlos Lacuna (Trillium)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 50%, Conservative - 35%, NDP - 12%, Green - 3%, Trillium - 1.11%

On track record alone, this riding in northeast Scarborough has historically ranked as one of the safest Liberal seats in Toronto, having been held by the Libs since the late 1980s. Incumbent Soo Wong defeated her nearest PC challenger, Liang Chen, by more than 5,000 votes in 2014 in a riding where 40 per cent of residents identify as Chinese. The PCs this time are running Aris Babikian, a former citizenship judge and president of the Armenian National Federation of Canada.


Who's running 
Mazhar Shafiq (Liberal), Christina Mitas (PC), Zeyd Bismilla (NDP)Sanjin Zeco (Green)Matthew Dougherty (Libertarian), Chris Mellor (Trillium), Raphael Rosch (Alliance)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 55%, PC - 22%, NDP - 20%, Green - 3%

Liberal MPP Brad Duguid, who has held the riding since 2003, has long been rumoured to be preparing for a run at the Toronto mayor’s job. That speculation resurfaced when Duguid confirmed a few months ago that he will not be seeking re-election. Rumour now is he’s angling for a federal run. Other political observers say his decision not to run was prompted by polls showing the PCs ahead in Toronto. Duguid endorsed public school trustee Parthi Kandavel to replace him here. Local city councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker also ensored Knadavel, but he was defeated for the Liberal nomination by Mazhar Shafiq. The PCs nominated Thenusha Parani back in November but overturned that vote in February over allegations of voting irregularities. The PCs are not  offering up a big challenge, at least on the face of it, filling the hole left by that contest with political neophyte Christina Mitas, president of the OISE Graduate Students’ Association, who was among a dozen last-minute appointments made by Ford last week to complete the PCs' roster of candidates. 

Liberal Mitzie Hunter (left) after 2014 win.


Who's running 
Mitzie Hunter (Liberal), Mukund Purohit (PC), Tom Packwood (NDP), Hamid-Reza Dehnad-Tabatabaei (Libertarian), George Garvida (Trillium), Kevin Clarke (People's Political Party), Linda Rice (Green)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 50%, PC - 28%, NDP - 17%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 1% , Freedom - 0.43%

The NDP targeted this riding –  ground zero in the long-festering Scarborough subway debate – in 2013 when they ran former city councillor Adam Giambrone in a by-election against eventual winner Mitzie Hunter, (pictured on the left) who went on to win again in the general election a year later by an even wider margin over her closest PC challenger. This time around, however, the NDP were slower off the mark, only nominating college instructor Tom Packwood on May 11, just before the official cut-off to name candidates. Packwood was elected by the party's riding association. Hunter who replaced junior minister Margarett Best, has since become one of the party’s most influential cabinet ministers, replacing party stalwart Deb Mathews as Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development earlier this year after a stint as Minister of Education marked by her high-profile handling of the firing of Peel school board trustee Nancy Elgie over racist remarks.

Raymond Cho.


Who's running 
Raymond Cho (PC), Chin Lee (Liberal), Dwayne Morgan (NDP), Sean Morgan (Libertarian), Ramyan Thangarajah (Trillium)

The vote last time (2016)
(Redistributed riding formerly known as Scarborough-Rouge River) PC - 39%, Liberal - 29%, NDP 27%, Green - .51%, NOTA - .42%

This is a race to watch, with PC incumbent Raymond Cho (pictured), who won in a by-election in 2016 after Liberal incumbent Bas Balkissoon abruptly left politics, facing his former city of Toronto council colleague Chin Lee, who is running for the Liberals. The wild card here could be the NDP, who have run Neethan Shan here on three previous occasions without luck, but scored a third of the vote last time, which may be just enough to eat into the Liberal vote and allow the PCs to come up the middle. Shan has since been elected to city council in a by-election to replace Cho last February. The NDP are fielding Scarborough Walk of Fame inductee Dwayne Morgan.

The PCs "face a dogged battle," says Counsel of Public Affairs, to hold onto the only seat they currently hold in Toronto, even as they look good to make inroads elsewhere in Scarborough and Etobicoke. "The new 2018 electoral map re-drew the electoral boundaries in the sprawling, diverse borough. With the old riding of Scarborough-Rouge River divided between two new districts, Cho opted to run in Scarborough North... an electoral district that includes relatively little of the ward he formerly represented on Toronto City Council. Furthermore, his Liberal opponent is... Chin Lee, who has represented most of the new riding as City Councillor for over a decade. Lee also hails from the riding’s large Chinese-Canadian community (Cho is Korean-Canadian). With both candidates enjoying significant local name recognition and a deep reservoir of local support (Cho was also one of only two PC caucus members to endorse Doug Ford’s leadership campaign), it remains to be seen whether community issues or provincial forces will win the day. Perhaps the deciding factor will be the riding’s politically-active Tamil community, who rallied around former NDP candidate and Cho’s successor on Toronto City Council, Neethan Shan."


Who's running
Sumi Shan (Lib), Vijay Thanigasalam (PC), Felicia Samuel (NDP), Priyan De Silva (Green), Todd Byers (Libertarian), Amit Pitamber (Trillium)

This riding, which takes in parts of Pickering-Scarborough East, Scarborough-Guildwood and Scarborough-Rouge River ridings, was created in 2015 and will be contested for the first time in this election. The PCs are running financial advisor Vijay Thanigasalam. The NDP are fielding elementary school teacher and Black community activist Felicia Samuel. The Liberals just nominated Tamil Canadian Sumi Shan.


Who's running 
Lorenzo Berardinetti (Liberal), Gary Ellis, (PC)Doly Begum (NDP), James Speirs (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 50%, NDP - 24%, PC - 21%, Green - 4%, Libertarian - 0.89%, Independent - 0.50%

Lorenzo Berardinetti, who has been the incumbent since 2003 – and has won convincingly each time he’s stood for re-election – recently declared his candidacy. That was made easier after area councillor and city budget chief Gary Crawford, who ran here in 2014 for the PCs, announced he’s sitting this election out. The PCs are running former Toronto cop Gary Ellis in his stead. Between Berardinetti and his partner, Michelle Holland, who serves as city councillor for the area, Scarborough-Southwest has been pretty much a lock for the Libs. The NDP, however, think it's ripe for the picking, dispatching leader Andrea Horwath right after the first leaders' debate for a visit.

Han Dong.


Who's running 
Han Dong (Liberal), Iris Yu (PC), Erik Malmholt (Libertarian), Phil Sarazen (People's Political Party), Chris Glover (NDP), Rita Bilerman (Green), *Adam Nobody (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Formerly Trinity-Spadina) Liberal - 46%, NDP - 30%, PC - 14%, Green - 7%, Libertarian - 1%, Vegan Environmental Party - 0.53%, 0.47%, Party for People with Special Needs - 0.47%

Liberal incumbent Han Dong (pictured) beat the odds, knocking off long-time NDP incumbent Rosario Marchese here in 2014 thanks to a spike in the number of condo dwellers in the area, which has been credited with simultaneously boosting Liberal fortunes and putting a damper on NDP support. This time out, Dong will have added support in the form of Adam Vaughan, the federal Liberal MP and former city councillor for the area. Noteworthy: Adam Nobody of Toronto G20 Summit fame is running for NOTA.


Who's running 
David Morris (Liberal), Meredith Cartwright (PC), Suze Morrison (NDP), Adam Sommerfeld (Green), Judi Falardeau (Libertarian), Miso Gusic (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 59%, PC - 18%, NDP - 16%, Green - 4%, Libertarian - 1%, Party for People with Special Needs - 0.39%, Communist - 0.32%, Vegan Environmental Party - 0.30%, Freedom - 0.27%, Canadians' Choice Party - 0.15%, Trilium - 0.15%

This newly created riding, which includes parts of the old Toronto Centre-Rosedale boundaries held by former Liberal incumbent Glen Murray, has been Liberal in one configuration or another since 1999. Murray, who served as Wynne’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, and Minister of Research and Innovation before that, announced his resignation from Cabinet in July 2017 (and from politics a few months later) to join the Pembina Institute in Alberta as executive director despite rumblings of a Toronto mayoral bid. The Libs have yet to nominate a candidate. The NDP are running Indigenous community activist Suze Morrison.

Updated Wednesday, May 9. The Libs recently nominated David Morris, a senior policy advisor with the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. The PCs, meanwhile, are fielding Meredith Cartwright, who has made this race more interesting, but not in a good way, for the PCs. It's Cartwright who has become the focus of conspiracy theories that she's a Liberal mole – at least according to the Ford-friendly Sun – after she allegedly hired actors to pose as Ford supporters outside CityNews studios at the first leaders debate May 7. Cartwright, who has had critical things to say about Rob Ford, Doug's brother, on her Twitter account in the past (the account is no longer active), is now being accused of being a double agent by the Sun. Cartwright, who describes herself as an “out, lesbian human rights lawyer,” was part of the landmark 1996 human rights case that determined same sex couples working for Toronto could claim spousal benefits. She was one of a dozen appointments made by Ford to run for the PCs in late April. The Liberal party issued a news release on April 28, shortly after Ford visited the riding, asking if Cartwright is aware of the "anti-LGBTQ factions in her new party" – namely, (now former PC candidate) Tanya Granic Allen (see Mississauga Centre riding profile) and past statements made by Granic Allen on gay marriage.

Peter Tabuns


Who's running 
Peter Tabuns (NDP), Li Koo (Liberal), Patricia Kalligosfyris (PC), Andrew Trotter (Green), Paul Layton (Libertarian),

The vote last time (2014)
NDP - 45%, Liberal - 37%, PC - 10%, Green - 5%, Libertarian - 1.16%, Communist - 0.40%, Canadians' Choice Party - 0.39%, Vegan Environmental Party - 0.35%, Freedom - 0.28%, Trillium - 0.18%

NDP incumbent Peter Tabuns (pictured) is the last person standing for the Dippers in Toronto after Cheri Di Novo called it quits from politics last year. Tabuns held off a strong Liberal challenge in 2014 that saw the Dippers lose three of their five seats in Toronto. This time the Liberals are fielding activist and educator Li Koo, a member of the Refugee Committee at the Metropolitan United Church and 519 Community Centre.


Who's running 
Jess Spindler (Lib), Andrew Kirsch (PC), Jill Andrew (NDP), Teresa Pun (Green), Jekiah Dunavant (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 60%, PC - 24%, NDP - 10%, Green - 5%, Libertarian - 0.81%, Freedom - 0.33%

Outside of London MPP Deb Mathews, former leadership candidate Eric Hoskins is the highest-ranking minister in Wynne’s Cabinet not seeking re-election. The nine-year incumbent Eric Hoskins, Wynne’s former Minister of Health and Long Term Care, has jumped ship to join the federal Liberals in Ottawa as pharmacare czar, making the riding up for grabs, although it would take some doing to wrest from the Libs what has historically been a formidable base of support. The NDP nominated girls and women’s advocate Jill Andrew last week.


Who's running 
Gillian Smith (PC), Jo-Ann Davis (Lib), Jessica Bell (NDP), Tim Grant (Green), Ryan Swim (Libertarian), Daryl Christoff (New People's Party), Les Zulauf (NOTA)

The PCs have a head start in this newly created riding, selecting Gillian Smith, chief marketing officer at the Toronto Region Board of Trade, months ago. The NDP have countered with public transit advocate Jessica Bell. The Liberals, meanwhile, are still trying to figure things out, just recently nominating Toronto Catholic District School Board trustee Jo-Ann Davis.


Who's running 
David Zimmer (Liberal), Stan Cho (PC), Saman Tabasinejad (NDP), Randi Ramdeen (Green), Nicholas Paliga (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 53%, PC - 33%, NDP - 10%, Green - 4%

David Zimmer, the Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, has been performing double duty as acting minister of the Environment and Climate Change. A mainstay here since 2003, even while the riding was held federally by Harper's Conservatives. 


Who's running 
Ramon Estaris (Liberal)Roman Baber (PC), Andrea Vásquez Jiménez (NDP)Romana Lyon (Green)Benjamin Kamminga (Libertarian), Cherie Ann Day (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 48%, PC - 32%, NDP - 16%, Green - 3%, Freedom - 1.39%

Monte Kwinter, who has held the riding for the Liberals since 1999, is calling it quits, opening the door for the PCs who have nominated lawyer Roman Baber in a riding that provincially has flipped back and forth between Libs and Cons. The Libs are countering this time with realtor Ramon Estaris, whose looking to tap into the riding’s growing Filipino base. What makes Baber’s selection particularly noteworthy is that he had to defeat former Harper-era henchman and cabinet minister Joe Oliver to win the PC nomination. No small feat, but Baber is not without political connections of his own. He worked on former PC leader Patrick Brown’s leadership campaign. 

This one may be a bellwether for Liberal fortunes election night. Counsel Public Affairs raises questions whether Estaris's nomination win over popular community advocate Louise Russo, will undermine Liberal efforts here, despite Estaris's connection to the area's growing Filipino community. "The local race is shaping up to be a contest driven by the riding’s dominant ethnic constituencies. PC candidate and lawyer Roman Baber is expected to have strong support from influential local communities. Born in the Soviet Union, and raised there and in Israel before moving to Canada as a teenager, Baber’s roots and personal story will resonate with the influential Orthodox Jewish and Russian communities in the riding."


Who's running 
Laura Albanese (Liberal), Mark DeMontis (PC), Faisal Hassan (NDP), Bonnie Hu (Libertarian), Grad Murray (Green)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 48%, NDP - 37%, PC - 11%, Green - 2%, Freedom - 0.76%, Independent - 0.45%

The Liberals and NDP have tussled mightily over this riding since Paul Ferreira took it for the Dippers in a by-election, only to relinquish it a few months later in the general election to Laura Albanese, who has been the incumbent ever since, beating back two subsequent challenges from Ferreira. The NDP is running housing activist Faisal Hassan this time.

905 Riding Profiles 


Who's running 
Joe Dickson (Liberal), Rod Phillips (PC), Monique Hughes (NDP)Stephen Leahy (Green)Paul Taalman (Trillium), Marsha Haynes (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
(Formerly Ajax—Pickering) Liberal - 51%, PC - 29%, NDP - 16%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 0.59%

Incumbent Joe Dickson, a former Catholic school board trustee, has held this Liberal seat since 2007 and won with more than 50 per cent of the vote in 2014 against his closest PC challenger. This time he’s up against Rod Phillips, the former Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation CEO, Postmedia exec and Paul Godfrey sidekick recruited as a star candidate for the PCs by Patrick Brown. Phillips tinkered with the idea of running for the PC leadership after Brown was bounced, but thought better of it. How his decidedly corporate Toronto air plays here against Dickson’s small-town appeal will be interesting to watch.


Who's running 
Naheed Yaqubian (Liberal), Michael Parsa (PC), Sonette Duncan (Green), Serge Korovitsyn (Libertarian)

This new riding includes parts of former Newmarket-Aurora, Oak Ridges-Markham and Richmond Hill ridings, all of which were won by Liberals in 2014.

The lone picture on Mammoliti's <a href=";init=quick#/photo.php?pid=100115&amp;id=532699017">Facebook</a>


Who's running 
Safdar Hussain (Liberal), Harjit Jaswal (PC), Sara Singh (NDP), Laila Zarrabi Yan (Green)William Oprel (Trillium), Andrew Hosie (Libertarian), Mehdi Pakzad (NOTA)

It’s been a schmozzle for the PCs trying to figure out who to field in this newly created, multi-ethnic riding. Toronto council's clown prince Giorgio Mammoliti (pictured) announced with much fanfare his intentions to run for the PCs here, after local realtor Harjit Jaswal, who came third to now federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh in the 2014 Bramalea-Gore-Malton provincial race, looked like the fave to run for the PCs. Mammoliti pulled out two weeks later, citing “overwhelming” response from his constituents to stay at city hall. Uh huh. Smells more likely PC leader Doug Ford planned to hand the nomination to his good buddy Giorgio, but then thought better of it when he realized how many voters from the Sikh community he’d be alienating in what should be a winnable riding for the PCs.

Gurratan Singh


Who's running 
Parminder Singh (Liberal), Sudeep Verma (PC), Gurratan Singh (NDP)Raquel Fronte (Green)Daniele Cerasoli (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
(Formerly Brampton—Springdale) Liberal - 40%, NDP - 32%, PC - 24%, Green - 3%, Communist - 0.90%

Gurratan Singh, (pictured) the younger brother of federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, has been nominated to run for the provincial NDP in this new riding. The Liberals are opting for some star power of their own here, fielding Parminder Singh, a medical doctor better known as the founding host of CBC’s former Hockey Night In Canada in Punjabi broadcast. PC candidate Simmer Sandhu was replaced the day before the cutoff for official nominations after news surfaced of his alleged involvement in a vote buying scandal involving some 29 PC nominations and the alleged theft of personal information from ETR 407, the private corporation that oversees operations of Hwy 407. Sudeep Verma has replace Sandhu as the PC candidate.


Who's running 
Harinder Malhi (Liberal), Ripudaman Dhillon (PC)Kevin Yarde (NDP), Gregory Argue (Libertarian), Pauline Thornham (Green), Mackinder Samrai (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Formerly Brampton-Springdale) Liberal - 40%, NDP - 32%, PC - 24%, Green - 3%, Communist - 0.90%

Re-created from parts of the former Bramalea-Gore-Malton, Brampton-Springdale and Brampton West ridings, this electoral district was held by former Liberal cabinet minister Linda Jeffrey before she vacated the seat to run for mayor of Brampton. Harinder Malhi moves over from his former Brampton-Springdale riding, which he won with 39 per cent of the vote in 2014, to contest the seat this time. Of particular note here is Jass Johal, the Brampton paralegal acclaimed to run here by the PCs in 2017, but who has since been disqualified after his interest in an ownership stake in a restaurant partly owned by former PC leader Patrick Brown surfaced during the latter's sexual misconduct travails. The implication is that Johal’s association with Brown had something to do with his being acclaimed to run here for the PCs.


Who's running 
Sukhwant Thethi (Liberal), Prabmeet Sarkaria (PC), Paramjit Gill (NDP)Brian Watson (Libertarian), John Grant (Trillium), Medhi Pakzad (NOTA)

This riding, which will be contested for the first time provincially in 2018, is held federally by the Libs. Noteworthy: PC candidate Prabmeet Sarkaria is a former Ontario vice-president for the World Sikh Organization of Canada.


Who's running 
Vic Dhillon (Liberal), Amarjot Singh Sandhu (PC), Jagroop Singh (NDP)Julie Guillemet-Ackerman (Green)David Shaw (Libertarian), Heather Welch (Trillium)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 45%, PC - 24%, NDP - 24%, Green - 3%, New Reform - 1.60%, Freedom - 0.98%

Liberal Vic Dhillon, who has held this riding since 2003 when it was known at Brampton West-Mississauga, has yet to declare whether he will be seeking re-election. The PCs are fielding realtor Amarjot Singh Sandhu.


Who's running 
Granville Anderson (Liberal), Lindsey Park (PC), Joel Usher (NDP), Michelle Corbett (Green)Ryan Robinson (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 37%, PC - 34%, NDP - 24%, Green - 4.38%, Libertarian - 0.80%

It was nip and tuck in 2014 with Liberal Granville Anderson taking it by a little more than 1,000 votes from the PC candidate Mike Patrick after long-time PC MPP John O’Toole had held the seat since 1999.


Who's running 
Marilyn Iafrate (Liberal), Stephen Lecce (PC), Greg Locke (Green)Yan Simkin (Libertarian), Roman Evtukh (Trillium)

The PCs are targeting this new riding with former Harper staffer Stephen Lecce, part of the next gen of young Con staffers in Ottawa. Lecce won the PC nomination with 90 per cent of the vote, but the result was marred by controversy when police had to be called after Konstantin Toubis, a former Conservative federal candidate in the riding, disrupted the proceedings. Toubis had been disqualified by the PCs from the running two days earlier. The Liberals are countering with Vaughan councillor Marilyn Iafrate, a former member of the Ministry of Education Parents’ Advisory Board.


Who's running 
Helena Jaczek (Liberal), Paul Calandra (PC), Sylvie David (NDP)Jose Etcheverry (Green), Paul Balfour (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
(Oak Ridges-Markham) Liberal - 46%, PC - 37%, NDP - 12%, Green - 12%, Libertarian - 1.68%, Trillium - 0.26%

Liberal Helena Jaczek, Wynne’s newly appointed Minister of Health and Long-term Care, moves over from her former Oak Ridges-Markham backyard to take on PC candidate Paul Calandra, a former HarperCon with a dodgy political past, who got bounced from this seat federally in 2015 by Liberal Jane Philpott.  Calandra is notorious for his antics in the House, including answering different questions than those posed to him, which journalists have taken to describing as “The Full Calandra.” Noteworthy: Greens tallied 12 per cent of the vote last time in Oak Ridges-Markham.


Who's running 
Juanita Nathan (Liberal), Logan Kanapathi (PC), David Nadler (Libertarian)

The Libs recently nominated York Region school board vice-chair Juanita Nathan to run here against the PCs’ Logan Kanapathi, a Markham councillor since 2006. Nathan pulled out of a federal nomination race against Trudeau aide Mary Ng for a federal by-election here in 2017. The NDP have yet to nominate a candidate.


Who's running 
Amanda Yeung Collucci (Liberal), Billy Pang (PC)Debbie Moolman (Green)Allen Small (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 51%, PC - 34%, NDP - 10%, Green Party - 10%, Libertarian - 1.06%

Incumbent Michael Chan, Wynne’s minister of international trade who has held this seat since 2007, has announced that he will not be seeking re-election for health reasons. Markham councillor Amanda Yeung Collucci runs in his stead. The PCs have called a nomination meeting for April 29.

Tanya Granic Allen


Who's running 
Natalia Kusendova (PC), Bobbie Daid (Liberal), Laura Kaminker (NDP)Noah Gould (Green)Farouk Giga (Libertarian)

The PCs have overturned the nomination of Filipino-Canadian lawyer Angely Pacis to clear the way for anti-sex-ed crusader Tanya Granic Allen (pictured), who put Doug Ford over the top in the PC leadership race to run in this new riding, which will be contested for the first time provincially. It’s one of three nominations the PCs under Ford have overturned. Granic Allen will no doubt have the help of the PC party machine given her proximity to Ford. But it'll be no cakewalk given the fact the riding, albeit under a different configuration, has been held by the Liberals since 2003. Granic Allen's lack of political experience has already shown itself in her mishandling of a number of recent controversies, including anti-Muslim remarks she's posted online in the past. Some political obervers have rightly noted that other PC candidates have been disqualified for less. The Libs are countering with local business owner Bobbie Daid, who ran for the Libs and lost in 2014 in Dufferin-Caledon. 

Updated Monday, May 7. In an unexpected turn, Tanya Granic Allen has been dumped as the PC candidate in Mississauga Centre. The news was delivered by Ford's campaign manager to Granic Allen on Saturday afternoon, May 5.  According to a statement released by the party, Granic Allen was disqualified for "irresponsible" comments about gay marriage made in a 2014 video uncovered by the Liberal party. Granic Allen took to twitter to say she was "disappointed" by the decision and would have more to say about it in the coming days. The timing was curious coming only days before the first Ontario Election leaders debate Monday night. The move has also raised a number of questions, including why Ford didn't disqualify Granic Allen when news surfaced last month about offensive pronouncements she's made in the past about gay marriage and the Muslim community. The short answer is Ford didn't want to upset the social conservatives in Granic Allen's base that helped him win the leadership. But clearly, Granic Allen had become a political liability for Ford and the PCs, including in Mississauga Centre where 17 per cent identify as Muslim – and word is PCs were lining up behind the Liberal candidate Bobbie Daid. It's unclear what new blush, if any, the decision to disqualify Granic Allen will put on Ford and the PCs given Ford's own checkered history with the gay community. Meanwhile, the so-cons who backed Granic Allen are promising to mobilize their forces against Ford. Will Granic Allen run as an independent? Natalia Kusendova, who finished second to Granic Allen in the riding nomination, has been named as her replacement by the PCs.


Who's running 
Dipika Damerla (Liberal), Kaleed Rasheed (PC), Mark Donaldson (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 52%, PC - 26%, NDP - 15%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 2%, Equal Parenting Party - 0.58%

The Libs have held this riding since it was first contested in 2007. Incumbent Dipika Damerla, the province’s Minister of Seniors Affairs, who was first elected in 2011, took it with 52 per cent of the vote in 2014.


Who's running 
Imran Mian (Liberal), Sheref Sabawy (PC), Pieter Liem (Libertarian), Libby Yuill (Green), Grzegorz Nowacki (NOTA)

The vote last (2014)
(Mississauga-Erindale) Liberal - 49%, PC - 30%, NDP - 15%, Green - 2%, Libertarian - 1.69%, NOTA - 1.24%, Family Coalition Party of Ontario/New Reform Party of Ontario (deregistered in 2016) - 0.92%

This riding was redrawn for 2018 from the Mississauga-Erindale riding held since 2007 by former Liberal leadership contender Harinder Takhar, who will not be seeking re-election. It will be tech exec Imran Mian for the Libs this time. Much to the chargin of the Toronto Sun, the PC candidate here, Sheref Sabawy, is a former Liberal, who ran for that party's nomination against Iqra Khalid and lost in 2015.


Who's running 
Charles Sousa (Liberal), Rudy Cuzzetto (PC), Boris Rosolak (NDP)Jay Ward (Libertarian), Andrew Weber (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Mississauga South) Liberal - 51%, PC - 33%, NDP - 11%, Green - 3%, NOTA - 1.35%, Libertarian - 0.81%

This new riding, which will be contested for the first time in 2018, takes in parts of Mississauga Erindale and Mississauga South, the latter of which was won by Liberal Minister of Finance Charles Sousa with 50 per cent of the vote against his nearest PC rival in 2014. Rudy Cuzzetto, the PC candidate, is a former Ford Motors exec and the uncle of Genevieve Gualtieri, former PC leader Patrick Brown’s current partner. The riding is one of several mired in controversy regarding PC party nominations, in particular over the membership recruitment efforts of Brown ally Snover Dhillon in the Indo-Canadian community.


Who's running 
Amrit Mangat (Liberal), Deepak Anand (PC), Nikki Clarke (NDP), Michelle Ciupka (Libertarian), Simmy Saini (Green)

The vote last time (2014)
(Mississauga—Brampton South) Liberal - 48%, PC - 27%, NDP - 17%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 2%, NOTA - 1.44%, Independent - 0.85%

Former school teacher Amrit Mangat, who has held Mississauga-Brampton South since 2007 for the Liberals, moves into this reconfigured riding to take on local radio producer Deepak Anand for the PCs and Malton child services worker and Ontario Black History Society president Nikki Clarke for the NDP.


Who's running 
Bob Delaney (Liberal), Nina Tangri (PC), Jacqueline Gujarati (NDP)Richard Levesque (Libertarian), Abhijeet Manay (Green), Greg Vezina (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 52.57%, Conservative - 28.07%, NDP - 13.70%, Green - 3.64%, None Of The Above Party - 1.22%, Libertarian - 0.80%

Liberal incumbent Bob Delaney, who has held this riding since 2007 and has won with more than 50 per cent of the vote each time out, has yet to declare his intentions. Delaney found himself in a bit of hot water recently for describing as “bullshit” a local reporter’s question about the Liberals’s decision to increase the deficit in its recent budget. Nina Tangri, who finished second for the PCs against Delaney in 2007 and again in 2014, is back for a third try.

Christine Elliott


Who's running 
Chris Ballard (Liberal), Christine Elliott (PC), Melissa Williams (NDP)Michelle Bourdeau (Green)Kyle Orvis (Libertarian), Bob Yaciuk (Trillium)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 44%, PC - 37%, NDP - 11%, Green - 4%, Canadians' Choice Party - 1.76%, Libertarian - 1.11%, Trillium - 0.16%

After much hedging, Christine Elliott (pictured), who finished second to Ford in the leadership contest, has found a riding to run in. Elliott was unsure where she would run when asked during the leadership race, having moved from her Durham backyard to live in Toronto when she took the patient ombudsman job with the province in 2016. Elliott has chosen a relatively safe riding for the PCs, which was held by Frank Klees (a Ford leadership supporter) for a decade before Klees retired from politics and the Libs took it in 2014. But to clear the way for Elliott, the PCs had to overturn the nomination of Charity McGrath, citing voting irregularities. McGrath has since publicly endorsed Elliott. Incumbent Chris Ballard, Wynne’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, has also served as Minister of Housing and Minister Responsible for the Poverty-Reduction Strategy.

Jennifer French


Who's running 
Jennifer French (NDP), Makini Smith (Liberal), Bob Chapman (PC), Deborah Ellis (Green)Brett Van Ginkel (Libertarian), Cheryl Kelly (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
NDP - 47%, PC - 30%, Liberal - 19%, Green - 4%

The NDP’s critic of Citizenship and Immigration, Jennifer French (pictured with NDP leader Andrea Horwath), beat long-time PC incumbent Jerry Ouellette, who had held the riding since the Mike Harris daze, with 47 per cent of the vote in 2014. She’s up against motivational speaker Makini Smith, who is running for the Liberals in a riding in which the party finished third last time, and Bob Chapman, a former cop and regional councillor for the area for the PCs.


Who's running 
Ibrahim Daniyal (Liberal), Peter Bethlenfalvy (PC), Nerissa Cariño (NDP)Adam Narraway (Green), Brendan Reilly (Libertarian), Peter Tijiri (Trillium), Ryan Akler-Bishop (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Pickering—Scarborough East) Liberal - 52%, PC - 28%, NDP - 15%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 1%, Freedom - 0.43%

Recent news that Pickering-Scarborough East Liberal incumbent and Government and Consumer Affairs Minister Tracy MacCharles would not be seeking re-election in this reconfigured riding caught some Queen’s Park observers by surprise. MacCharles cited health reasons. She’s replaced here for the Libs by real estate broker Ibrahim Daniyal. The PCs are fielding financial consultant Peter Bethlenfalvy, another of former PC leader Patrick Brown’s big business recruits.


Who's running 
Reza Moridi (Liberal), Daisy Wai (PC), Marco Coletta (NDP)Walter Bauer (Green)Igor Bily (Libertarian), David Horsak (People's Political Party)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal - 48%, PC - 37%, NDP - 11%, Green - 3%, Libertarian - 1.19%, Ontario Moderate Party - 0.37%

Reza Moridi, Wynne’s Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, has held this riding since 2007. The PCs, who unsuccessfully ran Toronto mayor John Tory’s current press secretary, Vic Gupta, here on two previous occasions, are fielding ad exec Daisy Wai.


Who's running 
Gila Martow (PC), Ezra Tanen (NDP), Mike Holmes (Libertarian), Vladimir Kanevski (Trillium), Caryn Bergmann (Green), 

The vote last time (2014)
PC - 43.99%, Liberal - 43.78%, NDP - 8.14%, Green - 2.47%, Libertarian - 1.15%, Freedom - 0.47%

PC incumbent Gila Martow won in a squeaker by a little more than 100 votes in a rematch against Liberal Sandra Yeung Racco in 2014, whom Martow also outdistanced in a by-election earlier that year in this predominantly Jewish riding held federally by Con Peter Kent and where Israel politics loom large. That was after the former PC incumbent, Peter Shurman, who did not live in the riding, was forced to resign over allegations he improperly received a $20,000 housing allowance to travel back and forth to his home in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Libs only this week nominated Sabi Ahsan, chair of the board at Toronto Muslim Cemetery Corp., to run in this predominantly Jewish riding that is held federally by the Cons’ Peter Kent. The NDP recently nominated Ezra Tanen


Who's running
Steven Del Duca (Liberal), Michael Tibollo (PC), Michael DiPasquale (Green)Paolo Fabrizio (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
(Vaughan) Liberal - 56%, PC - 28%, NDP - 11%, Green - 2%, Libertarian - 2%

Liberal incumbent Steven Del Duca took more than 50 per cent of the vote to win this riding formerly known as Vaughan in a by-election in 2012 necessitated by the resignation of long-time incumbent Greg Sorbara. He won by a wider margin in the general election in 2014. The current Minister of Economic Development and Growth is up against Brampton lawyer Michael Tibollo, who ran for but lost the federal Conservative nomination to run in King-Vaughan in 2014.


Who's running 
Lorne Coe (PC), Leisa Washington (Liberal), Niki Lundquist (NDP), Stacey Leadbetter (Green)Ronald Halabi (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2016)
(Whitby-Oshawa) 40.65% (PC), Liberal - 31%, NDP - 23%, Green - 4%, Freedom - 0.54%

This riding, which used to be known as Whitby-Oshawa, was held by former PC leadership contender Christine Elliott, who gave it up after resigning from politics in 2016. Former Whitby councillor Lorne Coe reclaimed it handily for the PCs over former fellow town councillor Elizabeth Roy. But the riding has been reconfigured for the 2018 vote and no longer includes parts of Oshawa and Ajax. It’s held federally by the Liberals, whose provincial counterparts are running Leisa Washington, a former WNBA player and manager at the Abilities Centre in Whitby. The NDP, meanwhile, have nominated labour and human rights lawyer Niki Lundquist. | @nowtoronto

Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Riding Profiles 


Who's running 
Theresa Qadri (Liberal), Goldie Ghamari (PC), Courtney Potter (NDP), Gordan Kubanek (Green), Jay Tysick (Alliance), Jean-Serge Brisson (Libertarian), Anthony Sevigny (NOTA)

The vote last time                                                                                                                             This recently created riding will be contested for the first time provincially this election.

Pieced together from parts of a number of former ridings held by the PCs since time immemorial, this one looks to be a good bet again for the PCs. But hardcore party loyalists are not exactly enamoured of Goldie Ghamari, a recruit of former PC leader Patrick Brown. Ghamari’s nomination touched off infighting that spilled into public view when an email penned by PC MPP Lisa MacLeod (see Nepean riding profile), in which she described Ghamari as “not a suitable representative,” was leaked to the Ottawa Citizen. According to MacLeod, her campaign sign crew quit over Ghamari’s nomination. Ghamari made headlines again more recently after she publicly accused PC MPP Randy Hillier of intimidation. Liberal candidate Theresa Qadri, a business owner and food bank volunteer who’s husband Shad serves as a local councillor, looks to be in the best position among this slate of candidates to mount a challenge to the PCs.


Who's running 
Jack MacLaren (Trillium), Stephanie Maghnam (Liberal), Merrilee Fullerton (PC), John Hansen (NDP), Andrew West (Green), Peter d’Entremont (Libertarian), Robert LeBrun (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Carleton-Mississippi Mills) PC – 47 per cent, Liberal – 32 per cent, NDP – 13 per cent, Green – 7 per cent

This newly redistributed riding takes in almost all of the former Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding held since 2011 by former PC MPP Jack MacLaren, who has taken up with the Trillium Party after he was given the boot from caucus by former PC leader Brown over a number of dubious public pronouncements on everything from French language rights to oral sex – the latter being a “joke” at a cancer fundraiser involving federal Liberal counterpart Karen McCrimmon. MacLaren, who has navigated the fringes of the PC party since his arrival on the political scene from the landowners’ rights movement, was Brown’s deputy in the Ottawa region, and a controversial choice at that. But it would take a massive updet to unseat MacLaren, whose family roots go back to the early 19th century in these parts. The PCs may have a shot with former physician Merrilee Fullerton, but the Doug Ford appointee seems to share the kind of bigoted views that seem to go over well here. Liberal Stephanie Maghnam is an active member of the Dunrobin Women’s Institute, the Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization.


Who's running 
Lisa MacLeod (PC), Lovina Srivastava (Liberal), Zaff Ansari (NDP), James O’Grady (Green), Mark Snow (Libertarian), Raphael Louis (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Nepean-Carleton) PC – 47 per cent, Liberal – 33, NDP – 13 per cent, Green – 5 per cent, Libertarian – 1 per cent


Incumbent Lisa MacLeod has been a study in contrasts – and ambition – ever since she entered politics in 2006. A former leadership contender, MacLeod broke with most of her caucus colleagues to support Ford for PC leader, who represents more her speed politically, despite MacLeod’s efforts in recent years to put a more moderate blush on her views. She was a central figure in the behind the scenes power play that saw former PC leader Patrick Brown dumped. The Liberals are running high tech exec Lovina Srivastava. NDPer Zaff Ansari is an IT consultant.


Who's running 
Marie-France Lalonde (Liberal), Cameron Montgomery (PC), Barbara Zarboni (NDP), Nicholas Lapierre (Green), Gerald Bourdeau (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
(Ottawa-Orléans) Liberal – 54 per cent, PC – 33 per cent, NDP – 9 per cent, Green – 3.5 per cent, Libertarian - 1 per cent

Among Ottawa-area ridings pundits say may swing to the PCs, this is one of the least likely, held by the Liberals since 2003, when Phil McNeely first won it from the PCs. Marie-France Lalonde, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (as well as Minister of Francophone Affairs), upped party support, winning handily in 2014 over her closest PC challenger by more than 11,000 votes. PC candidate Cameron Montgomery, a university education professor, has identified development as an important local issue. NDP candidate Barbara Zarboni is a retired financial advisor who ran in 2014 and finished a distant third.


Who's running 
Yasir Naqvi (Liberal), Colleen McCleery (PC), Joel Harden (NDP), Cherie Wong (Green), Bruce Faulkner (Libertarian), Marc Adornato (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal – 52 per cent, NDP – 20 per cent, PC – 18 per cent, Green – 8 per cent, Libertarian – 1.5 per cent, Communist – 0.5 per cent

Test of a lifetime coming for Yasir Naqvi.

Unlike the historical Lib versus PC fights in many Ottawa-area ridings, this one has changed hands between Libs an NDP since its creation in 1967. The Liberals have had the run of the place since 1995, with Wynne’s Attorney General Yasir Naqvi (pictured) as the area’s representative for the last 11 years. Naqvi has increased his vote totals each time out since first taking the seat in 2007, winning with 52 per cent of the vote in 2014. But the NDP's recent surge in the polls has put their candidate, Canadian Federation of Students community activist Joel Harden, in play. The PCs appointed Colleen McCleery last month, surprising even her, but in the process upsetting supporters of prospective candidate Chris Lunardi.


Who's running 
John Fraser (Liberal), Karin Howard (PC), Eleanor Fast (NDP), Les Schram (Green), Robert Daigneault (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal – 50 per cent, PC – 32 per cent, NDP – 12 per cent, Green – 4 per cent, Libertarian – 0.58 per cent, Party for People with Special Needs – 0.51 per cent, Communist – 0.3 per cent

Liberal incumbent John Fraser won in a by-election in 2013 after the departure from politics of Dalton McGuinty. Yes, that would be the former Liberal leader who held the riding between 1990 and 2013 and whose father, Dalton McGunity Sr., held it going back to 1987 before that. PC candidate Karin Howard is a former Ottawa city councillor and Brown loyalist who held onto her nomination, unlike other candidates in Ottawa-area ridings. (See Ottawa West-Nepean)


Who's running 
Nathalie Des Rosiers (Liberal), Fadi Nemr (PC), Lyra Evans (NDP), Sheilagh Mclean (Green), Ken Lewis (Libertarian), Keegan Bennett (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal – 48 per cent, PC – 30 per cent, NDP – 15 per cent, Green – 3 per cent, Libertarian - 0.67 per cent

This riding, which boasts a high francophone population, has been held by the Liberals since the early 1970s and, more recently, for more than a decade by longtime McGuinty cabinet minister Madeleine Meilleur, before she left politics in 2016. Nathalie Des Rosiers held it for the Liberals in a by-election with almost 50 per cent of the vote against high-profile PC candidate André Marin, the province’s former Ombudsman and before that, director of the police watchdog Special Investigations Unit. Her PC challenger this time is small business owner Fadi Nemr. the NDP are running LGBTQ activist Lyra Evans, who is the first openly transgender candidate to represent a major Ontario political party.


Who's running 
Bob Chiarelli (Liberal), Jeremy Roberts (PC), Chandra Pasma (NDP), Patrick Freel (Green), Lucas Estienne (Libertarian), Marck Blay (Trillium), Colin A. Pritchard (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal – 46 per cent, PC – 33 per cent, NDP – 14 per cent, Green – 6 per cent, Libertarian – 0.72 per cent

Political pundits say that PC and NDP operatives have this riding in their sights, held since 2003 by the Libs and since 2010 by Wynne’s infrastructure minister Bob Chiarelli. Despite being a lightning rod for controversy, owing mostly to a controversial tenure as energy minister under McGuinty, Chiarelli increased his margin of victory last time out. PC candidate Jeremy Roberts, meanwhile, has old wounds from a bloody nomination battle to contend with. That vote saw Brown’s choice Karma Macgregor elected as the candidate over Roberts by a mere 15 votes. The decision was eventually overturned amid allegations of voting irregularities.


Who's running 
Todd Smith (PC), Robert Quaiff (Liberal), Joanne Bélanger (NDP), Tracey Barker (Green), Cindy Davidson (Libertarian), James Engelsman (Trillium), Kandace Parks (NOTA), Paul Bordonaro (Independent)

The vote last time (2014)
(Prince Edward–Hastings) PC – 42 per cent, Liberal – 33 per cent, NDP – 19 per cent, Green – 5 per cent, Libertarian – 1.2 per cent

This riding was created in 2015 from parts of Northumberland–Quinte West and Prince Edward–Hastings – the former has flipped back and forth between PCs and Libs since 2007, and the latter has been held by the PCs’ Todd Smith since 2011. A former local radio personality, Smith has occupied this space slightly outside of the PC caucus’s rural rump, endorsing Christine Elliott in the most recent leadership contest and serving as her campaign co-chair. What that will mean for his electoral prospects now that Doug Ford is leader is not completely clear. Smith had been quoted in local press as saying Ford’s “erratic and out of control” behaviour would mean certain defeat for the PCs should he become leader. Nevertheless, Smith showed up to sing Ford’s praises when the PC leader blew through town recently. Smith won with 42 per cent of the vote to the Liberals’ 36 per cent last time. The Liberals at least appear to think they can take this seat back with Prince Edward County mayor Robert Quaiff.


Who's running 
Pierre Leroux (Liberal), Amanda Simard (PC), Bonnie Jean-Louis (NDP), Daniel Reid (Green), Darcy Neal Donnelly (Libertarian), Joël Charbonneau (Alliance)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal – 50 per cent, PC – 33 per cent, NDP – 12 per cent, Green – 3 per cent, Libertarian – 0.89 per cent, Independent – 0.62 per cent, Freedom – 0.49 per cent

Liberal incumbent Grant Crack announced April 4 that he would not be seeking re-election, reportedly to pursue other career opportunities, after holding this riding since 2011. However the timing of his announcement, which left Libs scrambling for a candidate, raised a few eyebrows. The PCs have their own bit of internal strife to deal with after disqualifying Derek Duval and appointing acclaimed local councillor Amanda Simard to run here. Duval was reportedly booted over a video he filmed of an apparent hazing ritual at a local hockey tournament involving a player eating a hamster off a hockey stick. The “hamster” was poutine, according to Duval. The intrigue hasn't stopped there, however, with recent news of volunteers in the PC camp defecting to the Liberals.


Who's running 
Tim Rigby (Liberal), Daryl Kramp (PC), Nate Smelle (NDP), Sari Watson (Green), Lonnie Herrington (Trillium), Greg Scholfield (Libertarian), Grant Dewar (NOTA)

This new district will be contested for the first time provincially. The PCs look to have the inside track in this riding created from part of Prince Edward–Hastings riding held by former federal MP Daryl Kramp since 2004 before his defeat in the 2015 federal election. The Libs are putting up high school teacher and local riding association president Tim Rigby, whose nomination was uncontested. The NDP is fielding sometimes NOW contributor Nate Smelle.


Who's running 
Sophie Kiwala (Liberal), Gary Bennett (PC), Ian Arthur (NDP), Robert Kiley (Green), Andre Imbeault (Trillium), Heather Cunningham (Libertarian), Nathan Weatherdon (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
Liberal – 42 per cent, NDP – 30 per cent, PC – 21 per cent, Green – 7 per cent, Freedom – 0.48 per cent

Except for a four-year period in the mid-90s when it was held by the NDP’s Evelyn Gigantes, a former health minister in the Rae government, this riding has been solid Liberal red since 1985. Grit incumbent Sophie Kiwala, a former Chief of Staff to federal Liberal MP for the area, Ted Hsu, won the riding in 2014 rather handily over the NDP, which are fielding Ian Arthur, an executive chef at popular Kingston restaurant Chez Piggy. But it’s the PCs that may be in better position to take a run this time, with former Kingston mayor Gary Bennett as their candidate.


Who's running 
Randy Hillier (PC), Amanda Pulker-Mok (Liberal), Ramsey Hart (NDP), Anita Payne (Green), Steve Gebhardt (Libertarian), Gary Black (NOTA)

The vote last time (2014)
(Lanark–Frontenac–Lennox and Addington) PC – 44 per cent, Liberal – 30 per cent, NDP – 20 per cent, Green – 6.5 per cent


This riding has been recreated from parts of three existing ridings, one of which (Lanark Frontenac–Lennox and Addington) has been held by PC MPP Randy Hillier (pictured with Doug Ford) since 2007. The former Ontario Landowners Association president has been an outsider since he entered politics, running for the PC leadership in 2009 and finishing fourth on the first ballot. It’s been sideways for Hillier ever since, as he’s more often than not found himself on the outs with the party’s leadership. He continues, however, to be immensely popular at the local level. The Libs are fielding a recent arrival to the local political scene in Mississippi Mills councillor Amanda Pulker-Mok. The NDP candidate, Ramsey Hart, was singled out as an “extremist” by Doug Ford at the recent Northern Ontario leaders debate for his years as an anti-mining activist with MiningWatch Canada.


Who's running 
Steve Clark (PC), David Henderson (Liberal), Michelle Taylor (NDP), Derek Morley (Green), Bill Buckley (Libertarian) The vote last time (2014)

The vote last time (2014)
(Leeds–Grenville) PC – 57 per cent, Liberal – 20 per cent, NDP – 17 per cent, Green – 5 per cent, Libertarian – 1.14 per cent

It’s been nothing but smooth sailing for the PCs here since 1987 when former Harris-era cabinet-minister-turned-Senator Bob Runciman first won what was formerly known as Leeds-Grenville. Current PC incumbent Steve Clark, the PCs’ co-deputy leader, who took over in 2010, has won the riding by wide margins in the two elections since. 


Who's running 
John Yakabuski (PC), Jackie Lee Agnew (Liberal), Ethel LaValley (NDP), Anna Dolan (Green), Jesse Wood (Libertarian), James Di Fiore (NOTA), Murray Reid (Confederation of Regions)

The vote last time (2014)
PC – 61 per cent, Liberal – 19 per cent, NDP – 14.5 per cent, Green – 3 per cent, Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party (COR) – 1.19 per cent, Independent – 0.95 per cent

Part of the PCs’ SoCon faction, John Yakabuski has not exactly had what you might call a distinguished career in politics, occupying the backbenches for most of it. But he’s made up with bravado what he’s lacked in professional accomplishments. And besides, he’s a household name in these parts, going back to when his father represented the area as MPP between 1963 to 1987. Which is to say there’s little danger of this one flipping, though the Libs and NDP look to be putting up a good fight. Town councillor Jackie Agnew, who boasts a long list of community accomplishments, including as program coordinator for housing and homelessness with Renfrew County Housing Corporation, is running for the Libs. The NDP has increased their vote here each of the last three times out, and is fielding long-time local reeve Ethel LaValley, a member of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan.


Who's running 
Jim McDonell (PC), Heather Megill (Liberal), Marc Benoit (NDP), Elaine Kennedy (Green), Sabile Trimm (Libertarian)

The vote last time (2014)
PC – 50 per cent, Liberal – 24 per cent, NDP – 21 per cent, Green – 3 per cent, Libertarian – 2 per cent

Since 2011, former local councillor, mayor and Bell exec Jim McDonell has held what had been a Liberal stronghold, taking it by more than 13,000 votes over his closest competitor and more than 10,000 votes in 2014.

Compiled by Enzo DiMatteo with files from Manar Hossain and Rhianna Jackson-Kelso. This site will be periodically updated with profiles of races in ridings outside Toronto in the coming days and weeks. | @nowtoronto

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