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Theatregoers are often fascinated with what goes on.

Theatregoers are often fascinated with what goes on behind the scenes, whether it’s in the wings or in the creation of a play.

The Show Must Go On looks at the not always juvenile goings-on during the run of a touring children’s show (from July 5 at George Ignatieff), while Strolling Player tracks the life and work of actor Richard Willis (from July 3 at Tarragon Extra Space).

In Genesis & Other Stories (pictured), meta-theatre and slapstick blend in the play-within-a-play staging of a super-sexed, 60s version of the Adam and Eve story (from July 3 at Trinity St. Paul’s, 427 Bloor West).

For an even more inside look at the world of theatre, Fuck Shakespeare allows you to follow an author into the world of the play he’s creating, where he meets Shakespeare’s characters Desdemona and Hermione (from July 4 at Factory Mainspace).

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