Entertaining film The Carer survives its slender plot

Brian Cox has a gas as a famous actor dealing with his final act

THE CARER (János Edelényi). 85 minutes. Opens November 18. See listing. Rating: NNN

This slender piece about a famous actor begrudgingly accepting his young caregiver as he’s gradually succumbing to Parkinson’s is sentimental and doesn’t care much about character backstory or development. But it’s entertaining as hell.

Brian Cox hams it up big time as the legendary Sir Michael, star of stage and screen, ever irascible and even more so now that Parkinson’s is tightening its grip on him. His daughter Sophia (Emilia Fox) has been testing multiple caregivers, who all fail the audition until young aspiring actor Dorottya (Coco König) clicks with him.

Sophia and Dorottya clash over whether Sir Michael should attend an awards ceremony where he’s being honoured for lifetime achievement. Sophia says absolutely not, worried he’ll make a fool of himself – to say nothing of shitting his pants – while Dorottya insists he be given the choice.

That’s it for the plot. The plotline involving housekeeper Milly (Anna Chancellor), who’s Sir Michael’s former lover and still smitten – and a major character – falls by the wayside. And suspicions regarding Dorottya’s motives for taking the job get no follow-up.

But theatregoers will love the way Shakespeare’s dialogue and themes  are woven into the script. And Cox is glorious, obviously having a gas. Just don’t expect The Carer to change your life.  

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