Cole Swanson: The Hissing Folly

The Hissing Folly looks at Durham Region’s ecological landscape and poses critical questions around human relationships with invasive species, specifically phragmites (European common reed). Phragmites is a perennial grass that spreads quickly and out-competes native species for water and nutrients. Using the centuries-long tradition of thatching, the resulting construct is a folly; designed primarily for decoration, while suggesting a greater purpose through its appearance.

Sep 8-Feb 7, 2021.

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Summer Longing group show

Leslie Grove Gallery presents Summer Longing, a multidisciplinary members group show highlighting memories of summers past and present. On view in the gallery from July 8 through August 1.  Wed-Sat, noon-5pm. Social distancing protocols apply.

Participating artists:
Angela Lane, Bev Daniels, Connie Gorsline, David Johns, Elva Hook, Fiona Debell, Janet Christie, Janine Sindrey, Jennifer Rideout, Jennifer Tse, Jenny Reid, JJ Smolkin, Josee Savaria, Karen Jeffrey, Kate Taylor, Katherine Palmer, Leslie Parker, Mark Gleberzon, Mei Chan Long, Parisa Razeghi, Paul Brown, Ruth Lane, Stephanie Thompson, Steven Lewis, Wanda Fitzgerald, Winnie Larsen

ZOOM Reception: July 23, 7:30-8:30 pm; email to register

Cover image: Just Coasting, 2019, 12×24, Connie Gorsline