Our Davenport, A Rally for a Neighbourhood’s Future

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Davenport has come together to tackle everything from food security to helping support parents, students and teachers as the new school year begins.

Our Davenport is a celebration of the work that’s being done and a call to action for Davenport residents to join in helping build a more just and caring society. Speakers will explore “what if” questions, like….
– what if everyone had a safe place to sleep?
– what if this land were given back to the Indigenous peoples who long called it home?
– what if schools prepared our children to be true citizens of the world?

We know that nobody is coming to save us, if we want to live in a better world, we’re going to have to build it ourselves.
Come join us on September 7 to envision the neighbourhoods of our collective imaginations. 5-7 pm.

Speakers and performers TBA.
Physical distancing will be enforced and masks are mandatory.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/322367522301499