Thomas Guignard: In The Stacks

Swiss-Canadian librarian-photographer Thomas Guignard takes over the Goethe Media Space for fall 2020 to investigate questions about reading hubs and architectural spaces, and where and how people read. Sep 24-Nov 26.

Breaking through the art wall and expanding the library at the Goethe-Institut Toronto into Berlin’s Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Centre, Guignard plays with access and scale, form and function, perspectives and vanishing points. Guignard has visited more than 300 libraries, still a work in progress. This project is part of the Goethe-Institut Toronto’s celebration of CFBM2020, the Canada focus at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Each Tuesday in November, Thomas Guignard will take over the Goethe-Institut Toronto Instagram account to take a closer look at a detail from his Humboldt University photo and discuss ideas of public reading and thinking spaces

Presented by the Goethe-Institut Toronto with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Montreal

Please note that our fall events are by invitation/request for groups of up to 8 guests only, physically distanced, and masked to ensure everyone’s safety.