No Gold Star: Live Stream from Havana Theatre

True to her signature style, Alison Lynne Ward’s autobiographical tale of being a late-blooming lesbian is fabulously frank and candid, with moments of poignancy amid the laughs. Don’t miss this inspiring show about finding truth in the first day of the rest of your life. July 31 at 11 pm ET (8 pm PT). $5-$25. Tickets at

Written and Performed by Alison Lynne Ward (8 Monkeys Productions).

Don’t You Want Me outdoor exhibit

The Don’t You Want Me photography project examines the lives of queer people and their rescue dogs by creating a visual global platform for them to tell their stories. Finding strength and purpose in the unconditional love given by dogs we watch the project’s subjects heal and transform.  August 4-18. Free.

The project’s aim is to highlight what happens when the marginalized receive unconditional love and support. This bond and the subsequent personal growth form the backbone of the Don’t You Want Me project.

Virtual Drag Show Canada

Drag Queen Mina Mercury is excited to host the show Virtual Drag Show Canada: Pride Edition on Sunday, July 26, 2020, at 8 pm ET (5 pm PT).

The Virtual Drag Show Canada: Pride Edition brings a group of talented drag artists that offer you performances in the style of a music video. The Virtual Drag Show Canada: Pride Edition works under the “telethon” principle, and the audience is welcomed to make a donation on a GoFundMe page. These Drag Artists need your help! 100% of donations raised during the show will be shared equally.

Joining hostess Mina Mercury are Adrianna Exposee (Ottawa, ON), Charli Deville (Montreal, QC), Devine Darlin (Toronto, ON), Dolly Pardon (Halifax, NB), Eddi Licious (Victoria, BC), Freida Whales (Kelowna, BC), Gabry Elle (Quebec, QC), Haus of Rivers (Halifax, NB), JayJay Kings (Toronto, ON), Jaylene Tyme (Vancouver, BC), Karmella Barr (Vancouver, BC), Luna DuBois (Toronto, ON), Mia Moore (St-John’s, NL), Michel Dorion (Montreal, QC), Misty Meadows (Calgary, AB), Mona Moore (Calgary, AB), Nikki Chin (Toronto, ON), Perla Coddington (Calgary, AB), Rouge Fatale (Halifax, NS), SISI Superstar (Montreal, QC), Shay Dior (Vancouver, BC), Uma Gahd (Montreal, QC), Vicki Lix (Toronto, ON) and Wendy Warhol (Montreal, QC)

You can get the latest information on the Virtual Drag Show Canada: Pride Edition on Mina Mercury’s Facebook: or on Mina Mercury’s website