Kellan Lutz sure ain’t no Bruce Willis.

EXTRACTION (Steven C. Miller) 82 minutes.Opens December 18. For venues and times, see nowtoronto.com/movies. Rating: N

Don’t be fooled by the poster and trailer images of Bruce Willis in action mode. The Die Hard actor has barely 10 minutes of film time. But even so, he blows away the leads with his onscreen authority.

In a reversal of the Liam Neeson Taken films, Willis plays a former CIA agent who’s kidnapped by terrorists, leaving his CIA trainee son (Twilight’s Kellan Lutz) to team up with agent Gina Carano and track him down in New Jersey.

There are a couple of passable fight scenes, including one in a biker bar. But the plot is ridiculous, the bad guys are uninteresting, and the script is so dull you’ll want to check your emails during the screening. Lutz and Carano look good until they open their mouths. 

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