Eye In The Sky

Eye In The Sky’s Helen Mirren has an ethical quandary

EYE IN THE SKY (Gavin Hood ). 102 minutes. Opens Friday (March 25). See Listing. Rating: NNN

This military thriller occasionally grinds to a halt to host a Reddit-like debate on drones. Surprisingly, it works, and manages to present valid, even-keeled positions, too. No trolling necessary.

Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman play British commanders remotely coordinating a tactical strike in Somalia while a Nevada-based drone pilot (Aaron Paul) stands by. Politicians across the globe hover over everyone, and a little girl inches dangerously close to the target. Call it our current state of Skype warfare. 

Taking the optimist’s view that military types put a lot of thought into imminent high-stakes operations, the film delivers an exhaustive and often comical back-and-forth argument about the ethics and optics of killing one child to prospectively save 80 people.

Director Gavin Hood pulls an intense nail-biter out of all the messy backroom theatrics. He excels in on-the-ground action featuring a stellar Barkhad Abdi as a Somalian operative ducking through the kill zone to try to pull the little girl out of harm’s way.

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