Q: How do I send a Letter to the Editor?

A: For email, send to letters@nowtoronto.com. Or, mail your letter to NOW, Letters to the Editor, 192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 503, Toronto, ON,  M5T 2C2 or send a fax to 416-364-1166. All correspondence must include your name, (withheld upon request), address and daytime phone number for contact purposes. Letter may be edited for length.

Q: How do I contact a certain department or person?

A: For your convenience, please use our online masthead for specific people and our contact form for departments.

Q: How do I submit a press release, event listing, or article suggestion/tip for one of your columns?

A: Begin by determining the appropriate department and then send it to the relevant email.

Letters to the Editorletters@nowtoronto.com

Q: How do I submit an article or photograph for NOW to publish?

A: NOW welcomes submissions from writers and photographers, although NOW cannot be responsible for the return of unsolicited material. To send queries to NOW’s editors, contact either news@nowtoronto.com (416-364-1300 x346) or entertainment@nowtoronto.com (416-364-1300 x329).

Q: Why doesn’t NOW have [this event] listed?

A: It’s very possible that due to space constraints, it was cut from the paper. Another possibility is that no press release was sent to NOW regarding the event.

Q: How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from one of your newsletters?

A: To subscribe or unsubscribe, head to our newsletters page.

Q: Who do I notify about an error on your website?

A: Send any errors you find to website@nowtoronto.com. Please include the web site address of the page you saw the error on and details on the error you found.

Q: How do I make a suggestion regarding the website?

A: Please email website@nowtoronto.com with your suggestion.

Q: I’d like to work for NOW! Are there any jobs available?

A: Please check our Careers section for current job listings.