Featured Contest: NOW’s Best Covers of 2015!

The results are in!

We asked you to vote for your 5 favourite NOW covers of 2015 and the results are in: 


1) Love Your Body Issue – January 8th, 2015

My favourite cover of 2015 was definitely the Body Issue.  Bless those women on the front for inspiring so many of us, no matter what our size. – Diana


2) Love And Sex Guide – February 12th, 2015 

Raccoons! These savvy Torontonians continue to outsmart us. We memorialize them 

#DeadRacconTO, spend millions on raccoon-proofing our garage bins, and look at all the filthy fun those trash pandas get to have. – Cassandra


3) Holiday Movie Preview – December 17th, 2015

My favorite NOW magazine cover 2015 is the Star Wars storm trooper seated in the cinema waiting to watch the new Star Wars movie. – Doreen


4) John Tory’s Big Adventure – March 19th, 2015 

My Favorite cover for NOW magazine is the one with John Tory with his bike on it – March 19/15.  I found it humorous reminding me of Pee Wee’s  Big Adventure! – Evelyn


5) All About Boobs – October 8th, 2015

My fave cover is ‘All about Boobs’ because it is eye-catching! – Angelene

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! Congratulations to Cassandra on winning our #NOWCoverContest Prize Pack! 

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