Featured Contest: Silver Spoons

Win a pair of VIP tickets to Silver Spoons on May 13th & 14th at District 28 + 10 tasting tickets & more!

Enter to win 2 VIP tickets for May 13th or 14th admission, 10 tasting tickets for food and wine tastings and 2 tickets to Chef & Somm Bespoke Dining Wine and Food Pairing Seminar!

Join Chef Eyal Liebman and Rebecca Meir-Liebman of CHEF & SOMM for three inspiring workshops, all in support of Second Harvest.

Beyond Taste Food, Wine, and the Other Senses

We all know it’s the sense of taste that can make or break a wine pairing, but what about our other senses? How does the sense of smell, sight, sound, touch, and even our memories influence the art of impeccable wine and food pairing? Short answer: more than you might imagine. For an in-depth exploration of how the other senses, ambiance, and sense-memory affect the taste of wine and food, join CHEF & SOMM for this 45 minute, hands-on session where you’ll taste six wines with six bite-size dishes to experience the art of pairing.

Sponsored By: Silver Spoons

Contest Ends: May 9 

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