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Impress your friends with these unusual brands

Grays Peak Small Batch Vodka Rating: NNN

Why Ah, the power of buzzwords: slap “small batch” on a bottle of humble corn-based neutral spirit and suddenly it’s a hot commodity. This creamy Minnesota vodka isn’t bad, just a bit vanilla, like its aroma.

Price 750 ml/$31.95 on sale till July 19

Availability LCBO 401851


Macchu Pisco  Rating: NNNN

Why Floral and earthy, this Peruvian pisco puro (meaning single varietal) is distilled in copper pots from Quebranta grapes. Try it on the rocks with a squeeze of lime, or shake up a pisco sour. 

Price 750 ml/$44.95

Availability Vintages 117952


Bols Damrak Rating: NNN

Why A cross between a London dry gin and genever (the Dutch precursor to gin distilled from malted grain), this Frankenstein’s monster is bursting with citrus, practically begging to dive into your gin cocktail du jour. 

Price 750 ml/$28.50

Availability LCBO 397547

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