Floor plan fix: Howard Park

593 SQUARE FOOT One-Bedroom + Den Howard Park, with.

593 SQUARE FOOT One-Bedroom + Den

Howard Park, with its focus on greenery and sustainability and inspired by the famous Mountain Dwellings in Copenhagen, is Triumph Development’s boutique Roncesvalles “community within a community.”

Staggered terraces covered with foliage, plus a watering system that collects rainwater and uses it to sustain roof gardens are just the beginning. This 593-square-foot one-bedroom-plus-den loft priced at $323,900 and equipped with locally sourced finishes and water-saving bathroom fixtures is a prime example of Howard Park’s eco-conscious approach. Here are the suite’s design positives and some creative ways to deal with a few tricky spaces.

Fill empty corners with plants or trees that complement the building’s green aesthetic. These don’t have to be your mother’s houseplants. Check out places like Sacred Seed (2 Dundonald, 416-928-6811, sacredseed.com) for more exotic options.

Every unit is equipped with a natural gas hookup in the kitchen and for a built-in barbecue outside. Put a large, family-style dining table where the floor plan calls for the living room and entertain indoors and out without being cut off from your guests.

The den is the first part of your condo guests will see upon entering, which could be a little awkward if you don’t keep a tidy work area. Try a fold-down desk to save space and reduce the temptation to collect piles of clutter.

Tall 9-foot ceilings open up the space but can be daunting when it comes to decorating. What to do with all that extra nothingness? Add drama by hanging large-scale pieces of art, or use mirrors to focus interest at a lower level.

There’s not a whole lot of closet space in this suite, so smart storage is very important. Invest in a bed that opens up over spacious compartments, or, if you’re on a tight budget, an Ikea wardrobe can work wonders.

Presentation Centre: Not yet open. To find out more about Howard Park condominiums, visit howardpark.ca, email info@howardpark.ca or call 416-873-0989.

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