Ditch the eggs and bacon for Toronto dim sum

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The shared dishes in steamed baskets, never-ending tea and push-cart service style of dim sum can make for memorable meals with any group of friends. Many of the restaurants that offer this style of Chinese cuisine share the same traditions and menu items, so it’s easy to go in prepared for what you like to eat or what you think your friends should try.

Check out some of our favourite dishes (and remember their names to help with ordering)!

Har gar. These shrimp-filled dumplings come in bunches of four inside a steamed basket. The sticky wrapper helps for handling this two-biter with chopsticks.

Shiu mar. One of the most popular pork dishes you’ll be craving at dim sum. It’s shaped differently from har gar with its cup-shaped wrapper that leaves the top open.

Sticky rice with chicken. Sticky rice steamed inside a lotus leaf – how can you go wrong? Peel back the leaf and enjoy.

BBQ pork bun. Take a break from the sticky dumplings and rice with a BBQ pork-filled bun. They come in threes, so be quick to grab one!

Rice roll. These rice noodle rolls call for a confident chopstick game. They’re always delicious and come filled with shrimp.

Green scallion pancake. These aren’t your ordinary pancakes. The texture is lighter, with a savoury taste that’s addictive.

Crab claw. A total crowd-pleaser, this ball of crab meat is coated in shrimp paste and breadcrumbs then deep fried. 

Dim Sum Etiquette Tips

Don’t stab your chopsticks into your bowl when you’re not using them (it’s rude). Rest them as a pair beside your plate or bowl instead.

Pour tea for others. When someone pours for you, you can tap twice with your index and middle finger to say “thank you.”

Out of tea? Angle the teapot lid partway open so the server will know to fill it with water.

Dim sum & more at Westwood Grill

Located at Annette and Runnymede, this pan-Asian restaurant offers dim sum service in addition to a wide array of dishes and cuisines – from BBQ duck to Cantonese chow mein to Singapore rice vermicelli. All sauces and curries are prepared carefully over hours using fresh, local ingredients selected by staff trained in both Chinese and Thai service. 

Check out the full menu here.

Westwood Grill, 519 Annette | 416-604-8822

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