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Rating: NNNNNWHAT: Steam Whistle bottle opener WHERE: TorontoWHY: You can screw this into the wall if you want, but.

Rating: NNNNN

WHAT: Steam Whistle bottle opener

WHERE: Toronto

WHY: You can screw this into the wall if you want, but the real fun is to be had when you thwack it onto the old Westinghouse. Equipped with scrap-yard-strength magnets, its got plenty of fridge grip, allowing for complete cap-levering confidence. Comes equipped with two beers for Christmas morning.

PRICE: $24.95

AVAILABILITY: At most liquor stores (product #11692)

WHAT: J.P. Wisers Red Letter Canadian Whisky Rating: NNNNN

WHERE: Windsor

WHY: Celebrating their 150th anniversary, Wisers made only 6,000 bottles of this fantastic throwback-style whisky. Starts off warm and robust and finishes with a thrilling, uncompromising bourbon-style burn. Dont trust Santa with this stuff. Give him the milk and cookies and tell him to hit the roof.

PRICE: 750 ml/$150

AVAILABILITY: Limited quantities at selected Vintages outlets (product #59071)

WHAT: Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire Rating: NNNNN

WHERE: Charente, France

WHY: Most people are familiar with Grand Marnier, but the Cuvee du Centenaire is a revelation for liqueur lovers. Caribbean oranges and sugar are blended with the profound flavours of decades-old cognacs. Sweetness has never been so sophisticated, which is what theyll say about you if you give them du Centenaire.

PRICE: 750 ml/$129.95

AVAILABILITY: At selected Vintages outlets (product #108704)

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