The best Ontario summer beers at the LCBO and Beer Store

Feeling overwhelmed in the craft beer aisle? Narrow things down with this handy roundup of Ontario brews perfect for beating the heat

Left Field Brewery Whip Smoothie Pina Colada

Who needs an umbrella and a maraschino cherry when you’ve got this IPA? This summery Left Field concoction offers tropical refreshment alongside plenty of bitter citrus notes (no syrupy sweetness here). The price is steeper than your average stubby can, but it’s plenty rich – and packs a punch at 6%. NM

$4.50/355 ml can, LCBO #698464


Sawdust City Passion Fruit Guava Kettle-Sour

Gravenhurst’s Sawdust City spun off its popular Coriolis Effect weiss into this gently biting blend, which balances out its fruit elements with a characteristic sour tartness, all at a quaffable 3.5% ABV. NM

$3.25/473 ml can, LCBO #10630


Ace Hill Lime Radler

Take a mini-vacay to Mexico without ever leaving your porch with this lip-smacking radler from Toronto millennials’ beer brand of choice. Flavoured with freshly squeezed lime, its citrus notes are rounded out by green apple, orange and lemon aromas. Bonus: it comes in a fun turquoise-hued can. MDS

$3.15/473 ml can, LCBO #10437


Mill Street 100th Meridian Amber

When you’ve had one too many mouth-puckering sours and juicy radlers, switch to this amber ale, which gets its name from ingredients sourced west of the 100th Meridian. The copper-hued American-style lager is brewed with pale and amber malts, adding rich yeast and caramel flavours punched up with floral hops. As with many of Mill Street’s beers, this one’s certified organic. MDS

$3.30/473 ml can, LCBO #413765


Side Launch Wheat 

Collingwood-based brewery Side Launch doesn’t need a flashy name for its wheat beer. It’s light and crisp, smells like doughy bread and has subtle citrus flavours. Best of all, it’s ridiculously crushable. SE

$3.35/473 ml can, LCBO #10075


Collective Arts Ransack the Universe IPA

This Hamilton brewery knows its way around an IPA, but this one is a modern classic. Hops sourced from Victoria, Australia, and Washington, U.S., yield aromas of pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits held in balance with a crisp, hoppy but never bitter, finish. MDS

$3.55/473 ml can, LCBO #450312


Cowbell Brewing Shindig Lager

This light pilsner-style lager from Blyth Cowbell Brewing bursts with all the floral hops and lemon zest needed to wake up your senses after an afternoon in the sun. It also pairs well with just about everything, which makes it a go-to for picnics and barbecues. MDS

$3.15/473 ml can, LCBO #576900


Nickel Brook Raspberry Uber Berliner

Take a cue from Germans and enjoy a sour brew with a touch of raspberry syrup the next time you find yourself under the twinkling lights of an outdoor beer garden. Canadian raspberries are added to the aging process of Nickel Brook’s Uber, giving it a hazy red colour and the tartness of a berry-flavoured Popsicle. MDS

$5.95/500 ml bottle, LCBO #573634

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