Get into the holiday spirits with these crowd-pleasing bottles

Whether you’re rolling high or hitting the bottom of the barrel this season, these eight sippers are great for gifting

Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne

Everyone who works in Champagne will insist that France’s most famous bubble-juice expresses best from a magnum (aka two standard-sized bottles smashed into one flashy beast). Call it a not-so-sneaky sales strategy or hard science, but either way, the reveler within makes it a difficult claim to dispute. 

This big boy of Moët, toasty and clean with a flick of mineral, will bring all of your baller dreams to life and probably score you a few sessions under the mistletoe. Robin Leach (RIP), would approve – just don’t forget the caviar dreams. 

Price: $145.45/1,500 ml

Availability: LCBO 369678  


Miller High Life 

Forget that buck-a-beer garbage and feast your penny-pinchers on the Champagne of Beers, weighing in at the low, low price of $1.80 a pop.

When Miller High Life launched in 1903, it was a pale, bubbly novelty marketed in sloped-shouldered bottles similar to champagne – early labels, complete with ribboned neck, were hilariously similar to Moët’s.   

Inoffensive at best (and either unfinishable or unfathomable for craft beer worshippers), High Life is a mindless crispy boy that your dad, your cousin’s new Skidoo-riding boyfriend and your hipster bartender pal will all clink and guzzle back, happy as sodden clams. 

Price: $21.95/12 x 355 ml

Availability: LCBO 588921


Radio Boka Tempranillo (in-a-box)

A leap above most wedding wines, this berrylicious and very drinkable Tempranillo is a festive budgeter’s dream-in-a-box.

The equivalent of four bottles for under 40 bones, it’s easy to access and built to withstand any holiday jam and should even weather the cataclysmic thirst of Aunt Kathy, camped out nearby with her stemmed Mason jar.

Price: $38.85/3,000 ml box

Availability: LCBO 491118 


Bunnahabhain Toiteach A Dha

If you’re a professed whisky lover who’s never unearthed the mildly peated delights of Bunnahabhain, Islay’s northernmost distillery, it’s time to get with the program. 

Combining two of Scotch’s most beguiling components – peat smoke and sherry influence – Toiteach A Dha is a lovely bottle to present to your significant other’s parents with a wink and a flourish. 

Savouring this luxe, peppery dram in front of a fireplace also classifies as self-care during the most hectic time of the year. A splash of water is recommended, though smoking jacket and/or pants are optional. 

Price: $98.75/750 ml

Availability: LCBO 577445


Bearface 7 Year Old Triple Oak Canadian Whisky

There’s a brand-new Canadian whisky on the block, so obviously it conjures a massive woodland creature frolicking in the snowy woods in plaid. 

Copping this juice for a holiday-themed home bar or a host gift is in no way slumming it, but it is a solid score. Aged in ex-bourbon casks and finished in French oak wine casks and Hungarian oak, it’s all juicy fruit and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Nice for stiff and punchy cocktails. 

Price: $39.95/750 ml

Availability: LCBO 573402


Duchesse De Bourgogne

Sophisticated beer doesn’t come cheap, especially if it’s named for royalty. On the flip side, this sour cherry and spice-laden spontaneously fermented ale might just (loosely) satisfy cravings for unattainable Burgundy for under $5.

Pour out the Duchesse, a blend of red ales from Flanders aged eight and 18 months, alongside artisanal charcuterie, bougie cheese and pecans – or make due with President’s Choice salami and Cheez Balls, your choice. 

Price: $3.30/330 ml

Availability: LCBO 492769 


Bottega Pistacchio Liquore

Few flavours are as swish as pistachio-flavoured treats – and nothing hollers home-for-the-holidays-and-readily-courting-a-hangover quite like cream liqueur.

So strut the high road or tumble down the gutter path with Bottega’s new green dream, which is kind of like a bottled choose-your-own-adventure. 

In case you’re already feeling bad about future decisions, this liquore is plant-based and dairy-free. 

Price: $24.95/500 ml

Availability: LCBO 605766  


Domaine des Rosiers Moulin-à-Vent 2015

A broody wine like this is perfect for enabling antisocial tendencies at your upcoming company function – and for proving to your boss once and for all that you have taste. 

An XL glass may also prove useful for when the seasonal family drama hits its peak and you need to evaporate into a cloud of dried strawberries, spiced cookies and wet woods. 

Whichever way it’s drained, this is a tantalizingly deep and classy Beaujolais that won’t be a struggle to enjoy. Grab an extra bottle for next year, because it’ll age beautifully and you’ll want more. 

Price: $21.95/750 ml

Availability: 556480 | @nataliamanzocco

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