Drake’s club Frings gets its licence suspended

"Promoting immoderate consumption," you say?

Did your plans for the week include (insert a clever reference to More Life, which I haven’t listened to yet, so just use your imagination, IDK) at Drake’s King West club? Tough luck, friend: Frings has had its license temporarily suspended for a number of violations.

Beloved “chef” / social media parodist Grant Soto posted the suspension notice (along, pointedly, with the club’s claim that they were ‘closed for renovations’). Visible in the window are the complaints levied by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario against the club: exceeding capacity, failure to post licence, and failure to comply with other legislation related to fire prevention.

There’s also “promoting immoderate consumption,” which we can assume is a rather town-from-Footloose-y way of saying they were over-serving patrons. (They’re in good company: That’s a phrase also frequently applied to former Rob Ford favourite Muzik.)

According to the notice, they’ll be back in business in time for the weekend — hopefully with fewer code infractions. Party safe, kids!

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