Make your own rules with Gray Jay Canadian whisky

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Whisky has been North America’s go-to drink long before there were happy hours, patio specials, and backyard barbecues.

When frontier folk hit the saloon after two dusty months on the range, they ordered whisky, usually by the bottle. Over the decades that have followed, the drink has never gone out of style.

Flash forward to a bold new era and the award-winning Gray Jay Deluxe Canadian Whisky, where the motto is “Your Whisky, Your Rules.” Translated, that motto is a green light to play fun-loving mixologist using whatever the heck you please.

Because it’s created by true whisky lovers, it’s no surprise that those who love whisky have been quick to embrace Gray Jay. In a nationwide 2021 BrandSpark survey, the proudly homegrown and boldly full-flavoured spirit was voted Best New Product Award in the Canadian Whisky category.

The first thing that catches your eye is the bottle—steel-like and embossed with Canada’s national bird, the gray jay, which is found in every Great White North province and territory. Known as the Wisikejack by Algonquin Indigenous Peoples—and whisky jack by many today—the gray jay is as Canadian as hockey, maple syrup, and poutine. It’s a bird known for being friendly and fearless, but also playing well with others, and that gives it plenty in common with Gray Jay Canadian Whisky.

Forget being unapproachable – Gray Jay is all about having fun, making it your perfect drink for relaxing after outdoor hockey games on the Rideau Canal and days at Blue Mountain ski hills in the winter, and Muskoka dockside dips, campfire marshmallow roasts and Victoria Day barbecues in the summer. 

Embodying notes of vanilla and caramel, Gray Jay is designed to be eminently approachable. Its sweet, smooth, yet complex flavour welcomes those who are new to whisky without alienating more experienced enthusiasts.

So even though you can, no one’s expecting you to sit around making tasting-club notes on Gray Jay’s multi-layered flavour profile. Let your over-serious great uncle ramble on about whispers of English butterscotch and tanned leather. For you and your friends, all that’s important is that you pour your favourite Gray Jay cocktail and enjoy while cueing up your summertime playlist.

Whether sipped neat, on ice, or in a cocktail, this is a bold, new whisky with no stuffy rules, old-world mystique, or intimidating learning curve. Gray Jay’s new-kid-on-the-block status makes it perfect for adventurous newcomers who are all about breaking with traditions while making new ones.

So by all means reach for a bottle of Gray Jay when it’s time to make that classic mint julep, whisky sour, or manhattan. But blaze your own path by embracing Gray Jay how you want,  remembering the motto “Your Whiskey, Your Rules”. Ever tried a Caesar with whisky instead of vodka? Or tasted whisky with apple cider and lemon? Or whisky, grapefruit juice and ginger ale? That’s right. Mind. Blown. They’re all ridiculously good, and they’re just a few of the recipe suggestions that you’ll find on Gray Jay’s website (

Gray Jay Deluxe Canadian Whisky is now available at a store near you, whether you live in the Greater Toronto Area, London, Smith Falls, Timmins, or cottage county faves like Collingwood, Huntsville and Orillia.

For more information go to and don’t forget to give a follow on Instagram at @grayjaywhisky. Then grab your new favourite whisky–Gray Jay–and start making your own rules.

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