SoCIAL LITE Vodka is an ideal summer sipper

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The origin story for SoCIAL LITE Vodka Soda’s is the stuff of campfire tales: The idea came about in the summer of 2014 when Neetu Godara and her co-founders Dan Beach & Kevin Folk were making vodka sodas in Kevin’s Whitby kitchen.

They’d sometimes add pieces of fruit to suit the tastes of friends and family, leading them to realize they had created something special that could be canned and enjoyed at BBQs everywhere.

“We all worked out and tried to eat right, and generally lived a healthy lifestyle,” Godara says. “But at the time, all the aisles in the liquor store were full of sugary alcohol-pop stuff. We were the first pre-mixed drink in North America to contain no sugar.”

All SoCIAL LITE drinks contain only 80 calories per can and its ingredients are simple: vodka, soda and 100% natural flavours. At four per cent alcohol per can, with no artificial ingredients, they’re an ideal drink for anyone who’s health conscious but likes to enjoy spiked beverages.

“We’re all trying to make better choices,” says Godara. 

Their vodka is also sourced from a small-batch distillery in Ontario, and each year, SoCIAL LITE has tried to introduce a new flavour to their selection based on feedback from customers. This summer is SoCIAL LITE’s Spiked Peach Tea and Field Strawberry Vodka Soda.

“People had been asking us for a berry flavour since we started the company, but it’s hard because berries are naturally tart and most berry drinks on the market add a lot of sugar, but this year we finally nailed it with our new Field Strawberry flavour. It’s a perfect balance of natural ripe strawberry that will take your senses right to the local strawberry patch!” Godara explains.

Also new this summer is SoCIAL LITE’s Blood Orange flavour, which is only available in the new Mix Pack, featuring 12 cans of four different flavours.

“It’s all about the convenience so you can spend more time with friends,” Godara says. “No one wants to be sitting on the dock chopping up limes for vodka sodas.”


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