Heineken Fresh Looks in Toronto combines a fresh cut with a fresh pint

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During the pandemic, we let many of our usual tasks fall by the wayside – wearing pants during Zoom meetings and getting regular haircuts quickly became a thing of the past. Instead of having your hair trimmed every six weeks, tossing your lengthy locks into a man bun each morning became the new norm.

But now that Ontario is successfully in step 2 of the reopening plan, barber shops, salons, restaurants and bars are able to reopen. As much as many of us want (and need) a haircut, going for a refreshing patio drink is equally as tempting.

But as of July 8, Toronto residents don’t have to choose between going for a patio pint or for a fresh cut. Heineken Fresh Looks is a unique outdoor salon experience that provides visitors exactly what they’ve been missing: an ice-cold drink on the patio and a sleek haircut.

This means that Ontarians can catch up on the personal care services they had missed and then swiftly hit the Heineken Fresh Looks patio with a friend. The event makes it easy for all to cross off these top two to-dos.

To book your complimentary haircut with one the barbers available at Heineken Fresh Looks, visit heinekenfreshlooks.ca. Appointments are available from until July 22. If all appointments appear booked online, don’t fret as more openings are dropped daily and walk-in appointments are encouraged.

You’ll finally be able to retire that grubby sweat-stained headband that keeps the hair out of your eyes while you work out. 

The highly anticipated salon experience will take place at Toronto’s hottest patio at RendezViews (229 Richmond West). The outdoor patio, hidden in the heart of downtown Toronto, delivers live music, food, sports and drinks to guests hungry for a good time. Its impressively large space is covered in bright and colourful murals, surrounded by the city’s tall buildings.

A modern approach to barbering

For the salon experience, Heineken has sourced some incredible barbers from Glassbox Barbershop to offer complimentary services like trims, fades, cuts and styling.

Glassbox Barbershop’s modern approach to barbering, which combines traditional clipper and shaving methods with scissor detailing, is what sets it apart from other shops. The barbershop currently has five locations across Canada and an education platform that trains prospective barbers.

Appointments at Heineken Fresh Cuts are booked on the hour and include 45 minutes in the chair with 15 minutes between appointments for cleaning and sanitizing.

With offices reopening to staff, right now is the optimal time to chop off your split ends and tidy up your fade. A fresh haircut can work wonders on your self-confidence, which extends into your professional and social life – this will make post-pandemic dating feel a lot less intimidating.

If you’re a beer enthusiast, Heineken is likely a staple in your beverage rotation – the thirst-quenching beer is a favourite in the bar and restaurant scene. Since 1873, Heineken has been striving to become the world’s leading premium lager and is served each day across 192 countries. The beer brand prides itself in being able to bring consumers a great tasting lager, brewed with  its signature A- yeast, along with engaging campaigns that surprise and delight every time.

We promise that the most difficult decision you’ll need to make during the salon experience is whether you want an extra-cold Heineken Lager or Heineken 0.0.

Click here to book your complimentary haircut at Heineken Fresh Looks.

For updates, follow @Heinekenca, @GlassboxBarbershop and @RendezviewsTO on Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #HeinekenFreshLooks on any images you post from the patio.

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