Now you can get Brandon Olsen’s ‘disco eggs’ to go

Just in time for Easter!

Arguably the most iconic creation to come out of the Toronto food scene in the last year, Brandon Olsen’s “Ziggy Stardust disco egg” looks like the fever dream of an exceptionally cultured five-year-old. Each one is splatter-painted by hand at Chocolates X Brandon Olsen (1132 College), then filled with the shop’s exotically-flavoured truffles. Up until now, you could only get them as the dessert course at La Banane — but as Easter nears, they’ve made the treats available to go. 

Last weekend, the eggs hit CxBO on College, as well as McEwan grocery stores and the Drake General Store’s flagship in grown-up and kid-friendly (aka “Ziggy Junior”) versions. The latter is lined with dried cherries, aerated milk chocolate (think Aero bars), pink peppercorns and sea salt, while young’ins (and the young at heart) can bust into one filled with jelly beans, gummy worms and aerated milk and white chocolate.

Pick one up for $50 and get smashin’, or just enjoy the hypnotizing video teaser below: | @nataliamanzocco


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