Feast On BBQ fundraiser celebrates local food in farewell to summer

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Evergreen’s Feast On BBQ. A night of fun, food and flannel. Enjoy the great outdoors at this fundraiser for Evergreen featuring food, drinks, live music, dancing, axe throwing and more. Saturday, October 14, 2017. 7 pm – 12 am. Evergreen Brick Works. $150 plus tax for general admission $250 for VIP. Tickets available here.

Not ready to give up on the cottage season yet? Before the chilly weather arrives, you’ll have one final chance to soak in the best summer has to offer with BBQ and beer. Evergeen, one of Toronto’s prominent green-city builders, will soon host a fundraising event at Brick Works (550 Bayview) that will bring together 10 Feast On-certified chefs, a range of beers from Muskoka Brewery and activities to keep you occupied between mouthfuls.

The big feature of this five-hour feast will definitely be the BBQ on offer. We’re already fans of the Hawthorne’s crispy chicken-skin carbonara, the recently revamped Maple Leaf Tavern and the soul-warming shakshuka at The Green Wood, so this evening promises to provide a chance to see what they can do over the grill and under the stars. There will also be a Muskoka Brewery pairing at each station, including their Harvest Ale – which keeps with the event theme of all-Ontario ingredients.

While the food’s being served, you can try your hand at axe-throwing, get a beard trim or test out a tattoo design with some temporary ink work. A silent auction will feature a range of items donated to support the night’s cause.

The Feast On designation recognizes restaurants and bars in this province that demonstrate a commitment to serving Ontario food and drinks (see full restaurant directory here). The base requirement is that a quarter of all annual food and drink receipts need to be connected to sourcing goods that are close to home.

This focus on creating a stronger local scene aligns closely with Evergreen’s flourishing cities mandate – which includes causes such as designing nature-based school grounds, community programs and supporting local food systems, to collaborating on transportation, housing and water issues, and imagining and developing Evergreen Brick Works as a social enterprise. Since the not-for-profit was launched over 25 years ago, hundreds of communities have been affected by these programs and partnerships, driving change to shape our cities for the better.

Learn more about Evergreen’s current projects, event schedule and publications here.

The Chefs

The full lineup chefs will include the following GTA-area locals: 


General admission tickets are available for $169.50 (VIP tickets are $250 and include early entry). All proceeds go to Evergreen’s charitable activities. Learn more here.

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