Toronto food box and produce delivery options

These companies ship fresh, often locally-sourced fruits and veggies – plus other tasty goods – right to your door

With Toronto residents being urged to stay at home and most major grocery delivery services being booked up, many are looking at signing up for food boxes. Long a staple for time-strapped Torontonians hankering for fresh produce, these services bring a mix of fruit and veg – much of which comes from local producers – to your door.

Like many others, these services have seen a sudden spike in interest with the arrival of the coronavirus still others have changed their business models to cater to a home audience. Read on to find out which Toronto food box is the best fit for you.

Good Food Box

A longtime local favourite, the Good Food Box supports FoodShare, an organization dedicated to fighting hunger in the GTA. Produce boxes can be ordered in small ($16) or large ($22) versions both contain “fresh, high-quality and locally grown produce”. You can preview the approximate contents of the box before you order, but you can’t customize them.

Good Food Box has expanded to include meat boxes stocked with pasture-raised chicken or grass-fed beef of from Niku Farms (a significant price jump from the produce at $170 and up, though you get up to 16 pounds of meat per box), as well as bread and crackers from Spent Goods Company.

Good Food Box has also rolled out an emergency box aimed at helping those dealing with food insecurity click here to donate.

Produce boxes start at $16. Can be ordered as a one-off, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Order here.  

Fresh City Farms

This organically-oriented service delivers all manner of groceries to GTA households, but their produce bags are among the most popular items. Bags can be ordered with a mix of fruit, vegetables or both, and range from “small” ($28, suitable for two people) to “value” ($45, up to five people). You can preview what’s in your bag and customize it to your liking.

Additionally, Fresh City Farms’ product roster also includes a number of readymade meals, as well as kits (see below). As of press time, new Fresh City Farms subscriptions were being waitlisted.

Produce bags start at $28. Can be ordered weekly or bi-weekly. Sign up for the waitlist.

Mama Earth Organics

True to its name, this delivery service offers 100 per cent organic produce, with the elevated price tag to match. Seven tiers of baskets – featuring fruit, veggies, or a mix – are available, ranging from $30 to $100. There’s also a whole range of meats, pantry items, and even premade foods available for individual order, all from a variety of local growers and producers. As of press time, new signups for memberships have been paused.

Baskets start at $30. Can be ordered weekly or biweekly. Sign up for the waitlist.

Evergreen Farm In A Box

During COVID-19, Evergreen Brick Works is pivoting its weekly farmer’s market to a convenient box packed with produce and locally-made goods, available for pickup only. Baskets, which contain a mix of fruit, veggies, bread and cheese, cost $50 and must be preordered in advance. (Customization is not available, but sample box content can be viewed on the Evergreen site.)

Baskets are a flat $50. No subscription. Click here for ordering info.

Fruit Suite

This delivery service, normally aimed at bringing snacks to offices, has begun leveraging its farm connections to offer a $50 produce box containing roughly 14 different types of fruit and veg (you can preview the box’s contents online, though they don’t appear to offer customization). Additionally, you can add on a number of other products, including items supplied by 100 km foods. Five per cent of residential sales will be donated to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

Baskets are a flat $50. Can be ordered as a one-off, weekly, biweekly or monthly, Sign up here.

Harvest Planet

Another delivery outfit that typically caters to businesses, Harvest Planet now has a home-oriented produce box that offers 10 different types of fruit and veggies. You can preview the contents of the box online, though they don’t offer alterations at the present time. They offer a number of other products, though as of press time, the company has opted to focus exclusively on the produce boxes check their site for updates.

Baskets are $59.99. No subscription needed. Order here.

Montgomery’s GRASSROOT

Queen West locavore spot Montgomery’s is putting its connections with community farmers and food producers to use by putting together a brand-new food box service that can be delivered to you or picked up at the restaurant. While the project is still in its early stages (and has already been deluged with prospective customers), owner Guy Rawlings promises the boxes will feature everything from meat and fish to cheeses, condiments, and the all-important toilet paper.

Pricing and subscription info TBA. Click here to learn how to sign up for updates.


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