Get top-shelf whiskey at a wholesale price at Grey Tiger

Toronto bar now offers select premium drinks at cost

Macallan tastes, Jameson budget: the problem plaguing many a spirit enthusiast. Bloordale bar Grey Tiger (1190 Bloor West, 647-925-3310, wants to give aficionados a taste of the (really, really) good stuff for less to do it, they’ve rolled out a brand-new Break-Even Bottle Program, a scheme already seen at bars in places like Seattle and Houston.

Starting last weekend, Grey Tiger began spotlighting a rotating selection of top-shelf spirits, charging only what the booze cost to buy in order to give guests a shot at trying the rare stuff.

“With this program, we also want to highlight bottles that people wouldn’t normally try due to their lack of familiarity with them,” owners Becky Ip and Ryan Ringer say in an email.

“Overall, it gives spirit-lovers and the spirit-curious a chance to, in a way, chip-in together to sample something that they would not necessarily be able to purchase on their own – like a group of strangers sharing a bottle.”

The debut tipple: Bruichladdich Black Art 4, a 1990 unpeated Islay single malt which currently retails at the LCBO for $350 per (extremely metal-looking) bottle. A price for a shot at Grey Tiger: Just $14.59 before tax.

They plan to dabble in rum and tequila, but whiskey will be the biggest category by far, with Irish, Scotch, and Canadian bottles up next. “We don’t want to spoil the surprise by revealing specific brands/bottles – people will have to stay tuned to social media for that.” | @nataliamanzocco

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