Free “open-source cookbook” features secrets from Toronto chefs

With recipes from Jesse Fader, Matthew Ravenscroft, Craig Wong – and you

In these times of self-isolation, Toronto cooks have been coping by doing what they do best, often sharing the results on social media for our collective education and/or envy. But Nick Chen-Yin, whom you might remember from the dearly departed Smoke Signals, took it one step further and created a whole digital cookbook.

Over the weekend, Chen-Yin launched an online open-source cookbook featuring recipes from beloved local food personalities and amateurs alike. It’s available for free, and anyone – even if they’re not a chef – can add to it.

“This cookbook is meant to be an open source toolkit that everyone and anyone can access during a time of heightened need,” Chen-Yin writes. “It is not meant to be shrouded in secrecy. It is not meant to be exclusive. It’s not meant to intimidate.”

The collection currently includes some 117 entries, including charred broccoli and coconut soup from Matthew Ravenscroft of Rosalinda, Jamaican peppa shrimp from Patois’ Craig Wong, and a hot fried chicken sando from Meaghan Robbins of Superpoint.

Jesse Fader contributes a very thorough square pizza recipe with plenty of tips for making better pies, and there’s even a couple cocktails from Veronica Saye at Tennessee. As a palate cleanser, there’s also Chen-Yin’s heartfelt tale of the time Jon Pong saved him from ending up in jail in Vietnam.

If you’d like to submit a recipe yourself, just email in a detailed recipe with measurements (photos and video are both appreciated as well). Click here to check out the collection in its entirety.


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