A robot sushi restaurant is open in North York

Now, you can have adorable, tiny robots bring you your spicy salmon rolls

In recent years, Toronto has had sushi you can order on iPads and sushi delivered on a conveyor belt. But until now, our restaurant scene has been sorely lacking in one thing: tiny, adorable robots bringing us our spicy tempura rolls.

Here to change all that is Robo Sushi, a new spot at 865 York Mills (at Don Mills) that serves both AYCE and a la carte sushi and dim sum. You’ll be escorted to your table by a smiley Butlertron make your order via iPad and a second team of robots outfitted with trays will bring you your meal. Once you pat them on the head, they’ll roll back to their post. (I know. I KNOW.)

For that kind of entertainment value, the prices don’t seem to be all that badly inflated: weekday AYCE prices are $19.99 for lunch and $29.99 for dinner, while weekend lunches are $20.99 and dinner is $33.99.

No word on whether the food lives up to the novelty factor — but early online reviews have been a little bit mixed. (Just like my feelings about that lifelike robot lady in the video beow. Hello, uncanny valley.)

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