Terroni opening massive new space in Corktown

Spaccio will house a cafe and storefront, as well as a commissary space serving Terroni and Sud Forno

After two decades in Toronto, Terroni has no less than six properties scattered across the city, from sit-down restaurants to Sud Forno bakery-cafe locations. Until recently, each kitchen would help supply the others – one handling the pasta, another the bread – but, unsurprisingly given the size of the chain, they’ve made the decision to keep things a little more central with a new commissary kitchen.

Thankfully for east-end Italian food fans, they’ve also decided to make a slice of the new space open to the public. Set to open soon at 22 Sackville (at Queen), Terroni Sud Forno Produzione e Spaccio – or just Spaccio for short – will serve as the restaurant group’s central kitchen, as well as a storefront and cafe.

“Spaccio acts as the backstage to the main show taking place between the tables at Terroni and Sud Forno,” the owners write on on Instagram. “The spaghetti in your norcina, the bread in your bread basket, the pizza dough of your Scattagengive, the sausage in your pappardelle alla Iosa, your torta calda and so on, will all be made at the centralized artisanal hub that is Produzione e Spaccio.”

The open-concept kitchen space will sprawl over 13,000 square feet, so visitors can watch the production of bread, handmade pasta and other treats. And, thanks to the Spaccio cafe space, visitors can also pick up breakfast and lunch, grab pasta and sauce to go, and even snag some of Terroni’s imported items (including cheese and charcuterie) at a wholesale price.

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