Rating: NNNNNsomething fishyWanted to let the rest of you in on some little-known 411. Most of St. Lawrence Market's (93.

Rating: NNNNN

something fishy

Wanted to let the rest of you in on some little-known 411. Most of St. Lawrence Market’s (93 Front East) seafood vendors unload their stock after 4 pm on Saturday afternoon at ridiculously low prices. It’s called an act of desperation by one of the vendors, referring to the fact that they’re closed Sunday and Monday. Go ahead, haggle. Expect to find baskets (plastic trays, really) filled with up to five pounds of leftover bits of whatever. Sorry, no crustaceans — since they’re alive, clams, mussels and lobsters go back in the tank to be sold another day.

sweeney expanding

Now that the Clear Spot (489 College) has tanked, club czar Michael Sweeney (Ciao Edie, Airport Lounge) has added the cavernous joint to his empire. Watch for a 60s-themed billiard parlour decked out in his collection of kitschy furnishings to open by Christmas. The name? Andy Pool Hall. Pardon? “Like Andy Warhol, only Andy Pool Hall,” explains the wry Sweeney. Because Andy is right next door to Edie, Sweeney plans to join the two spaces and make the smaller Ciao a designated smoking area when the next phase of the smoking bylaw goes into effect 18 months from now.

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