Restaurant Guide 2001

Rating: NNNNNDanforth With its multicultural edge, the Danforth is definitely not for Greeks only. Outdoor Food & Drink**ALLEN'S Sophisticated fun under.

Rating: NNNNN


With its multicultural edge, the Danforth is definitely not for Greeks only. Outdoor Food & Drink**ALLEN’S Sophisticated fun under NOW readers’ favourite tree. 143 Danforth, 416-463-3086 $$ L/D/Late *O*

**THE AULD SPOT Upscale contemporary fare on a street known for souvlaki — and it’s Scottish, too! 347 Danforth, 416-406-4688 $$ L/D *O*

**AVLI Serious Greek fare far beyond the usual. 401 Danforth, 416-461-9577 $$ L/D *O*

**CAFE BRUSSEL No waffling over Belgian specialties and beers. 786 Broadview, 416-465-7363 $$$ D

**CHRISTINA’S Large selection of grills and mezes. 492 Danforth, 416-463-4418 $$ L/D/Late *O*

**EL SOL Quite simply the best Mexican restaurant in town. 1448 Danforth, 416-405-8074 $$ D/Late

**GIMME A SQUEEZE Fresh juice al fresco. 176A Hampton, 416-461-8168 $ Unlicensed

**LA CARRETA Cuban tapas and flamenco guitars. 469 Danforth, 416-461-7718 $$ L/D/Late *O*

**LEVITY Cool bakery with live folk and jazz on weekends. 1331 Danforth, 416-463-0438 $ L/D *O*

**LOLITA’S LUST Dark and unabashedly brazen, Lolita lusts after the uber-hip. 513 Danforth, 416-465-1751 $$$ D/Late *O*

**MARIKO Japanese hideaway behind the Big Carrot. 348 Danforth, 416-463-8231 $$ L/D *O*

**MEZES Small, savoury plates on a hot patio. 456 Danforth, 416-778-5150 $$ L/D/Late *O*

**MYTH It’s no Myth-tery: lofty and light on attitude, with an early-90s vibe. 417 Danforth, 416-461-8383 $$ L/D/Late ***

**THE OLD NICK Pub grub and imported lagers in the backyard. 123 Danforth, 416-461-5546 $$ L/D *O*

**THE ONLY CAFE Waffles and 85 beers — now that’s a patio! 972 Danforth, 416-463-7843 $ L/D *O*

**PAN Modern take on ancient fare. Ugly art. 516 Danforth, 416-466-8158 $$$ D *O*

**PAPPAS GRILL One more time: Pappa’s got a brand new grill. 440 Danforth, 416-469-9595 $$ L/D/Late *O*

**PLAZA GARIBALDI The second-best guacamole in town! 461 Danforth, 416-463-7969 $$ L/D *O*

**SARAH’S CAFE Contemporary burgers, pastas and salads way past Greektown. 1426 Danforth, 416-406-3121 $ L/D/Late *O*

**SHER-E-PUNJAB Incendiary Indian grub in a backyard grotto. 351 Danforth, 416-465-2125 $$ L/D

**SILK ROAD Multidisciplinary Southeast Asian fare on the sidewalk. 341 Danforth, 416-463-8660 $$ L/D *O*

**THE WILLOW Tex-Mex specialties and sangria to boot. 193 Danforth, 416-469-5315 $$ L/D *O*

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