Retro drive-in diner to take over Galleria Mall parking lot

The Dusty Star Drive-In Diner pop-up will recreate the 1950s carhop experience, complete with servers on roller skates

Two people in a car are served a milkshake and a smash burger
Courtesy of Dusty Star Drive-In Diner

Toronto is moving forward from the pandemic, but the nostalgia factor that helped many weather the past year doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

The drive-in, roller skating and comfort food trends are combining at a pop-up retro drive-in diner that will take over the Galleria Mall parking (1245 Dupont) lot next weekend.

Running from August 13-15, the Dusty Star Drive-In Diner is recreating the 50s carhop experience, complete with servers gliding up to cars on roller skates.

The menu will include items from local restaurants Tanto, Uncle Mikey’s, Super Empanada and Sapori and Hop City Brewery is sponsoring the bar. Picnic tables are available to book if you don’t drive.

The event will also feature DJs spinning soul, funk and disco and a vintage clothing market.

Admission is $25 per car and capacity is as many people who can legally ride in the vehicle. The food offerings, range include smash burgers and steak sandwiches to root-beer floats and fried hot dogs on a stick, will set you back $5-$13 per item.

Ticket info, the menu and the full list of rules is here.

The pandemic has given rise to the return of drive-ins as a way for people to watch movies and other entertainment while distanced.

Though indoor and outdoor dining is allowed again now that Ontario has moved into step 3 of the reopening plan, outdoor experiences in parks and makeshift venues are continuing since only limited indoor entertainment is allowed.


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