The best Toronto spots to satisfy your munchies

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It’s long been known that Toronto is a food lover’s dream. With almost any cuisine imaginable available in walking distance or a short trip on the TTC, it’s easy to find something that hits the spot.

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After you’ve smoked a joint or had an edible and those inevitable munchies creep up, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go in Toronto or what to order. Do you want a tried and true greasy burger and fries? Or maybe something spicy and exciting? Either way, you probably want carbs galore. 

Let us help you out with this handy list of Toronto favourites perfectly suited to munchies cravings. Head over to a patio after lighting up with friends and satisfy your hunger with everything from birria tacos to Tibetan dumplings. Here are five places to go in Toronto when you’ve got the munchies.

Birria Balam

This buzzy restaurant near Queen and Spadina from chef couple Kate Chomyshyn and Julio Guajardo and their business partner Matty Matheson opened as soon as the birria taco trend reached its apex. For weeks, you couldn’t go on Instagram or TikTok without seeing the crunchy and cheesy tacos getting dunked in rich consommé. Birria Balam’s tacos have everything you need when you’re feeling extra peckish: the slow-braised beef is salty and spicy and the dipping sauce made from braising liquid amps up the savouriness. Get the quesa birria tacos, they’re fried to crispy perfection and hold up better after repeated dipping. The flavour explosion going on here makes it a perfect follow up to a nice Sativa Houseplant pre-roll is a high THC strain with a big, earthy spicy terpene profile.  

147 Spadina,

Lambo’s Deli

Lambo’s Italian subs are made for the people on-the-go. Stop by the Bellwoods haunt when you’re on a stroll through Dundas West, enjoying a little Shiskaberry pre-roll by Redecan, and you want something hearty to take along the way. Shiskaberry is all THC and indica-dominant with an earthy and fresh aroma that suits the herbaceous sandwiches. Lambo’s was one of our best new restaurants for a reason, they’re not stingy with the serving sizes and fill their subs to the brim with soppressata, prosciutto, salami, turkey and roast beef. Giving the traditional sandwich an Italian flair, their classic combo, caprese, Italian veg, mortadella or turkey pesto subs are sure to fuel you up. 

176 Bellwoods,

Ramona’s Kitchen

Wake and bake then head to brunch on the patio of Ramona’s Kitchen in the Annex. It’s a surefire recipe for absolute bliss. Start your morning with something like sativa-dominant Chocolate Fondue pre-rolls by DNA to get you going. Ramona’s menu is quite extensive and you might get blindsided by the eight different eggs Benedict options (they serve them on a burger, with schnitzel and the classic way, just to name a few) but keep looking and you’ll see everything from buttermilk and blueberry pancakes, omelettes to avo and brie sandwiches. The ultimate munchie food might be their french toast – it comes three ways: made with challah bread, banana bread or s’mores. Show up famished. 

384 Bloor West,

The Heartbreak Chef

Toronto chef Jerome Robinson seems to have crafted all his menu items with the munchies in mind, because the sheer size of these sandwiches is unfathomable. The aptly-named Big Ass Chicken Sandwich, Big Ass Mac and Big Jerk Energy Sandwich aren’t just displays of good marketing, they’re colossally large and equally delicious. Robinson is well-known on Toronto foodie Instagram for posting pictures of himself struggling to hold the sandwiches oozing with cheese, coleslaw, spicy ranch and fried chicken. Order from Heartbreak after taking a low-dose edible like Grapefruit Gummies by Ace Valley. Post up on the benches outside of the restaurant near Dundas and Bathurst and take all the time you need (and don’t feel bad if you have to bring some home to finish later). 

823 Dundas West,

The Momo House

The perfect spot to grab mouth-watering momos is the OG Parkdale location of this Tibetan food chain that has taken Toronto by storm. Garab Serdok opened this restaurant, an off-shoot of sister spot Tibetan Kitchen, to focus solely on the wondrous Tibetan-style dumplings. For the unacquainted, the dumplings come in a multitude of varieties. The dumplings filled with vegetables beef, chicken or pork come steamed, fried or even coated in Kurkure (an Indian snack similar to Cheetos). The Tibet-India fusion doesn’t stop there, they even serve the momos with butter chicken sauce. The classic momo hits the spot just fine but all the add-ons are so tantalizingly hard to resist, from chili sauce to jhol, a spicy and tangy soup. Indica-dominant Pink Kush flower by Pure Sun Farms feels like the perfect match with it’s blend of earthy white pepper and coffee and sweet orange, butterscotch and grapefruit aromas. 

1422 Queen West,

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